Saturday, November 17, 2007

Styles above the world

In my community there are a lot of different people , with different thoughts and different styles , but some styles are a little more popular.
One of the bests is called EMO they usually are usually really sensitive , they like to wear black clothes and listen do Simple Plan , Fresno and Hateen . Most of people , are really rude with EMO’s because they think that most of the EMO’s community are gays/lesbians.
Another style , is casual . Casual people are usually calm , have a lot of friends , like to go to the club , to restaurants , to malls . They wear Toulon , Colcci and Brooksfield . Casula style is the most popular in the world because everybody can be a casual person.
People who likes Hip Hop are really cool . They use to wear Dolce Gabanna , Gucci , Diesel , and love to listen to 50 cent , Eminem , Bow Wow , Akon and G-unit . They are really friendly , and they show theirs opinions by writing lyrics.
In conclusion we can say that if we were all identical , we would be bored , because we wouldn’t have differences to talk about.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who Do You Want To Be?

That's the most common question that teens talk about these days. It's necessary that we discover ourselves at the youngest age because that will certainly say what we will become in the near future. It's a long way to truly know who you are and who you want to be. Nearly none of us are prepared to walk that path all alone, so we usually ask for help.

The age, clothing, music and culture are decisive matters to determine what kind of person you will be and what kind of tribe you will adept. All Countries have ways of expressing their culture, and so their citizens. Teens ate the age of 12 begun to join groups that have that goal. The most common ones here in Brasilia are trendy, goths, emos and geeks.

The first group likes to be always fashionable and prepared to whatever may happen: storm, sun and especially parties. They like designed and expensive clothes, fancy cars, boyfriends/girlfriends, they usually are the most famous at school, and have a lot of difficulties because since their parent are absent and have a lot of money to afford them in the future they don’t seem to care a lot with school.
The second one is usually mistaken with the third. Goths are people who love to wear black clothes and dark make-up. Usually don’t care what people will think about them because they usually have strong personality, and don’t need outsider’s influence. They are very calm, intelligent, like heavy metal music and melodic ones and they usually smoke in the backyard of school in groups.
Emos are the new and most incomprehensible tribe. They don’t know what they want for life and always think that they are misunderstood. They are always sad or depressed, crying with their friends or extremely happy in other moments. They use bangs, dark make-up too but usually with a drop drawn on their cheeks and striped clothes to complete the visual.
Geeks are the one who wear glasses, are addicted with everything related to computer and have weird ways of walking, talking and sitting because mostly of them are very shy. Unfortunately some of them are bullied at school from trendies because of their shyness and right way of doing things.

No matter who you are or what kind of group you belong. It’s important to know that we have to respect each other because we are a society. We work in groups. Without respect, we have no chance of conquering our place in the world, at school and even at your workplace.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Most common teens' styles

Teenagers are always trying to find their identity, because of this they usually choose a style or a tribe to join. The most common teens' styles are skater, trendy and emo.
Skaters wear unusual clothes: baggy pants and enormous t-shirts. In addition, they can not live without their caps. They are outgoing and they use a lot of slang while speaking. The kind of music they listen to is hip-hop.
Emo is a new tribe, which became more popular during this year. However, many teenagers do not like them. Emo people wear striped clothes, black eye-liner and big bangs. Their music is called emocore, an abreviation for emotional hardcore.
Finally, trendy is the most popular tribe in my city. They wear fashionable and expensive clothes, which they buy at stores like Zara and Colcci. They are usually girls, so they wear make-up everyday and everywhere. Moreover, many trendy girls are stuck-up.
To conclude, it is important to remember that there are many styles, but all teenagers live the same problems and happy moments.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Styles in Brazil

Anywhere in the world there are people with all the styles. Those styles develop when many teens join together, start to grow up, and start to admire the same things and to listen to the same music. In Brazil there are many styles. Anywhere that you go, you find so many different people.
One of the most popular groups is the skater group. They are easily recognizable. They wear baggy pants and caps, they listen to rap and their way of talking is very typical, with so much slang which only skaters know.
An other unmistakable group is the emo group. They wear eye-liner (men and the women). They always wear big and straight bangs covering the eyes and they listen to a kind of music called emocore.
The trendy group is a more common group. You can find them anywhere you go. People of this group always wear the most fashionable clothes and many make-up. They usually listen to pop music.
There are many other groups usually found here. They normally don’t mix with each other. Each one with their kind of party and their opinions, which are very different. Sometimes those differences bring fights when the groups find each other. Some of them don't accept other groups in the same place they are.