Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Teen Tribes

Tribes are groups of teens with the same age. They have ideas in common. Usually they become friends and make groups because of their admiration for a same band, songs and opinions. Style and hair cut can also be a way to mount a tribe.
In first place we have the Geeks. This is a very common tribe. They are very intelligent but shy.They don’t like sports, so they have a long time to be in front of a computer. Their clothes are basically a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and sometimes glasses. They often meet at the internet at online computer games and chat rooms.
The second group are the Punks. They are a very detached group in community. They use make-up on the face, their hair style and their piercing are very different, that provokes fear and suspicion to other people. They are considerated a very radical and aggressive tribe, because of that, they have been on news for aggression and violence.
The next one ate the Skin Head who doesn’t stay back. The teens in this group are completely bowl and have a lot of tattoos on their body. They hate negros, gays, Jewish and Brazilian northeast people. Their attitudes are based in Adolf Hitler’s convictions. Their principal enemies are the Punks.
Analyzing these groups so different we observe that all of them have something in common, they want to be accepts with their distinctions. Unfortunately this doesn’t make one tribe better than others.

Who Do You Want To Be?

That it's the most commom question that teen's talk about these days. Its necessary that we discover ourselves at the youngest age because that will certainly say what we will become in the nearly future. It's a long way to truly know who you are and who you want to be. Nearly all of us aren't prepared to walk that path all alone, so we usually ask for help. The age, clothing, music and culture are decisives facts to determine what kind of person you will be and what kind of tribe you will become to.

All Countries have ways to express they culture, so have their citizens. Teens at the age of 12 begins to join themselfs in groups that have that goal. The most Common ones are trendy, goths, emos and geeks.

The first group likes to be always fashion and prepared. They like designed and expensive clothes, fancy cars, fancy boyfriends, parties all the weekend and usually have a lot of dificulties at school but since they have absent parents they don't mind it a lot.
The second one is usually mistaked with the third. Goths are people wo loves to wear black clothes, and dark make up, usually don't care what people will think about them because they usually have strong personality and don't need outsiders influence.
Emos are the new and most incomprehendible tribe. They don't know yet what they want for their lifes and always think that they are missunderstood. They are always sad or depressed, likes hard core music, usually walks looking down on the floor and have the highest indication of suicide in the country.
Geeks are the ones who weares glasses, have weard ways to walk, talk and sit. They are usually bullied at school because of that weard way, and because they dont have an active social life.

Concluding, no matter who you are or what kind of group you belong. It's important to know that you have to respect them because we are a society. We work in groups. Without respecting we have no chance to conquer our place in the world, at school and even at your workplace.


In the old days many people didn´t realized the transition that children had and already treat them llike adults, that is the cause that be necessary one concept tat represents this transition, like this appeared the word "adolescent" which represents all this unsettle of them concept. Nowadays this teenagers came questioning about many subjects like relatioship, friends, parties but, in te first, about what they would do in the world. Like this many of them organized in groups or tribes that represents them personality, some examples of them are trendies, emos and gothics.
Trendies are people who like eletronic music, frequent parties where the music is a beat which swing besides slow and accelerate, they wear fashion clothes, high heel sandals, big sunglasses, a lot of bracelets and they always make-up themselves before hang ou with friends. They usually frequent psycodelic places.
Emos are hard emotional people, they blame everyone saying that everybody is complicated, they wear bangs, tight jeans, striped shirts, drawed blouses and they are always with them eye painted. They usually found at places that music is emotional hardcore.
Gothics dress black clothes and usually wear crucifix necklace. They are obscure people, they frequent rock parties where the sound is heavy. Gothics usually frequent cemetery to gather with their friends.
At finaly, teenagers are separeted in tribes that is the way that we can´t generalize all of them supposing they already adults. We must respect all tribes and they have to do the same.


Styles have always been part of the humanity. They make us who we are. Teenagers are usually the most affected by the styles because there’s an age that has a lot of changes in the body and they try to find themselves in the world. Styles express who we are, and sometimes they say something indirectly. For example, one popular style between is Trendy. Trendies wear modern and fashionable clothes. The clothes are usually from famous designers, and they are very expensive too. In addition, Trendies like pop and romantic music. However, they like trance and night clubs songs. Another very common style these days is Goth. Goths usually wear black clothes, rock accessories and stronger make up. They like metal and rock music, although they’re very appealing. Nowadays Goths are mistaken with Emos because they wear black, even knowing that Goths appeared exist much before Emos. Skaters are a little eclectic, they like rock and some black music. They wear baggy clothes and really like caps. They are usually with a couple of friends practicing skateboard in parks or something like that. All the styles have their good points, and they’re cool in their way. However there’s still a little fight or disrespect in all tribes to others, it would be much better if everyone respected each other and lived in harmony.


Monday, October 29, 2007


The styles have been upgraded and because of this, many groups have appeared. These groups are different on the kinds of clothes, kinds of music and kinds of styles.
Some of these groups are trendy, hippie, preppy, emo, gothic, casual, hip hop, skater, hardcore punk and geek.
Preppys are people who like to be famous, like to listen, famous songs and usually wear expensive and famous clothes. They usually go to shopping mall and places where, is crowded.
Hip Hopers are people that like their people and love, sing. They wear baggy clothes and they are a little bit bad-boys, and when they make their own songs they complain about their lifes when they were young.
Casuals are people who are more common. They usually wear t-shirts and jeans, they like a lot of kinds of music. They usually go shopping and walk at the park.
All these kinds of groups are different in styles but even this can cause fight because all, us are humans and deep inside we like at least a little bit of the same things.


Teen's tribes

Nowadays, there are many teens tribs in all urbans cities.They use to be emos, trendies, geeks, hippies, preppies, gothics, casual style, punks, sk8ers.Certainly sometime you will choose a tribe.

Emos wear dark clothes, listen emocore music, they usually wear piercings, they wear their hair with bangs, and in Brasilia, they use to go to Pátio Brasil on Fridays.They are very strange.

Geeks usually to wear glasses, they study much, they know all about computers,
they even get good grades, they rarely go out with friends, they don't have many friends and they love reading books.They use to meet on internet chat or on computers games chat.

Sk8ers wear baggy clothes, they wear caps, big sneakers and they have theirs own skateboards.Have some sk8ers that like to do jackass.They use to meet on halfs to join together.

In conlusion, It's cool to have your own tribe, however, some people use their bad culture with a way to pratice racism and to be violent.In addition, I think people have to choose a tribe because everybody have a style.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Teen's Style

When we are teenagers, we want to know ourselves and we usually have friends that are similar to us. We start to listen to one kind of music, wear one style of hair and clothes and get one way of speaking. According to our changes, we choose our friends. Because of the similarity, teenagers are separated in tribes. There are a lot of tribes, like the trendies, the emos, the hip hop tribe, the hippies and the skaters.

Trendies usually wear jeans or miniskirts, high heel sandals, tops, big earrings, a lot of bracelets, rings and they usually do not go out without make-ups. Most of them like pop music.

Emos like emotional songs, wich say how the capitalism is unfair and how love and life are complicated. They usually wear bangs and tight jeans. Men wear polo shirts and striped shirts and women wear striped or plated blouses.

Hip hops usually wear shaved hairs, baggy pants or baggy jeans, baggy shirts and they put a cap . They like rap and hip hop and usually practice basketball.

Althought teenagers are separated in tribes, we ca not generalize them, saying that all trendies are fussy or all emos are gays because one emo is gay or one terndy is fussy. We must respect all tribes and all tribes must respect ours.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

styles of teens

Nowadays there are many differents styles of teens, and each style determine one specific way to be and to dress. There are many styles, from hippies to hardcore punks. However, it’s important to respect the differences between each style so that you can live better with all the people. Because of that I will talk about the three most representatives styles among teens in Brasília.
One example of a very common style in Brazil and in others countries is the emo. The abreviation emo comes from emotional hardcore, which is one kind of music listened by the emo people. They wear black clothes and put on make-up. Moreover, emos generally wear bangs and they are very sad.
Another popular style is the preppy style, which is usually seen in Brasília. Preppies offen wear only very expensive clothes, including nike shoes, adidas T-shirts and popular accesories. However they don’t have one certain style of being, but generally most part of the time they talk about fashion sneakers and clothes.
One style which became very popular is hip hop. Hip hop is one style that comes from the hip hop music, and this style is generally related for basketball. People whose style is the hip hop wear tanks and shorts, and most of them wear big necklaces.
In conclusion, there are many styles, and each of them is very diferent. However, it’s very good if you want to have your own style. The important thing is to know how to live with all those different styles.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My dream vacation

In my dream vacation I would go to Egypt witch is a republic, the official language there is Arabic, and the independence of Egypt was at 28 February 1922. I would travel there because Egypt has lots of things to do, for example: I would visit the pyramids; I would see the pharaoh and ride a camel. If I could choose the time of the year, I would choose the winter because Egypt would be less hot than the summer.
I would travel by plane, of course, because planes are the fastest way of transportation, but I think it would be more expensive than ship and car. If I had the chance to take someone with me, I would take my grandmother and my mother because both love Egypt and they are fascinated visiting it.
I know that Egypt is hot all year, so I would take: ten white t-shirts, eight shorts, one flips flops and one hat. As soon as I got there I would rent three camels to me and my family, then we would go with a guide to the tourist’s sites and go to the city to rent one place for to us stay and meet the Egyptian people.
I would certainly take the mornings to appreciate the Egyptian food and visit the pyramids, in the afternoons I would visit the Cairo’s museum, which is a very interesting and important museum in Egypt, and know more about the historical monuments of that beautiful place, then I would sit and wait for the sun set, after that I would rest and wait for another day.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Six Flags

If I could visit any place in the world, it would certainly be the six flags. It is a (chain of) park with the scariest roller coasters in the world! It's amazing!! I think it's in New York. I would go there in July or December because that's when my boyfriend and I have time to spend.
I actually don't know how to get there, I guess we would have to take a flight to São Paulo, then another flight to New York and then go by car with the help of a map (and getting lost about every 5 minutes). I would bring Paulinho, my boyfriend, with me because we both have a high sense of adventure, we would probably stop at some place to do radical sports if we could or to take pictures of the places we were at and get to know something about their history.
I like to bring everything with me when I'm traveling everywhere far from home, you never know when you'll need to use them. But since we would not stay at only one place, I guess I would not bring big luggage, just some make-up, a few skirts, underwear, t-shirts, a light dress to wear when it's too hot and some groceries to eat during the trip.
The first thing I would do is going to The Kingda Ka. It's simply the tallest, fastest roller coaster on earth. It breaks all world records for coaster speed and height, zooming from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds and catapulting you 45 stories into the sky!! I love adrenaline! I would spend my morning and afternoon there and in the evenings I would go to Times Square, South Street Seaport, Liberty Island, It would be the best trip of my life if I had a chance to go there.


Monday, October 01, 2007


Guys, remember that day I asked you to write down things you had already done to learn English and things you had never done but you knew you could do to learn even more? Here is a complete list of what the students in both 3B classes I teach this semester answered, and I would like you to write the following in the comment area:

a) is there anything you read in the "I have already done" section that you didn't answer but now you remembered you have already done?

b) which are the two things in the "I could do" section that you think are the most effective to improve your English skills?

c) choose at least one thing that you don't do to start doing this semester.