Friday, November 02, 2007

Styles in Brazil

Anywhere in the world there are people with all the styles. Those styles develop when many teens join together, start to grow up, and start to admire the same things and to listen to the same music. In Brazil there are many styles. Anywhere that you go, you find so many different people.
One of the most popular groups is the skater group. They are easily recognizable. They wear baggy pants and caps, they listen to rap and their way of talking is very typical, with so much slang which only skaters know.
An other unmistakable group is the emo group. They wear eye-liner (men and the women). They always wear big and straight bangs covering the eyes and they listen to a kind of music called emocore.
The trendy group is a more common group. You can find them anywhere you go. People of this group always wear the most fashionable clothes and many make-up. They usually listen to pop music.
There are many other groups usually found here. They normally don’t mix with each other. Each one with their kind of party and their opinions, which are very different. Sometimes those differences bring fights when the groups find each other. Some of them don't accept other groups in the same place they are.


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