Monday, November 12, 2007

Most common teens' styles

Teenagers are always trying to find their identity, because of this they usually choose a style or a tribe to join. The most common teens' styles are skater, trendy and emo.
Skaters wear unusual clothes: baggy pants and enormous t-shirts. In addition, they can not live without their caps. They are outgoing and they use a lot of slang while speaking. The kind of music they listen to is hip-hop.
Emo is a new tribe, which became more popular during this year. However, many teenagers do not like them. Emo people wear striped clothes, black eye-liner and big bangs. Their music is called emocore, an abreviation for emotional hardcore.
Finally, trendy is the most popular tribe in my city. They wear fashionable and expensive clothes, which they buy at stores like Zara and Colcci. They are usually girls, so they wear make-up everyday and everywhere. Moreover, many trendy girls are stuck-up.
To conclude, it is important to remember that there are many styles, but all teenagers live the same problems and happy moments.


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