Wednesday, September 26, 2007


If I could have the vacation of my dreams anywhere in the world, I would travel to England.I would choose this place because I really like the England culture and the place is very beautiful, and there are many soccer players and I want to be a soccer player and there is good place to start my career. I would travel in the winter because I live in a tropical country so I prefer the winter to change some times.
To get there, I would have to travel by plane because it is on the other side of the world. I would take my family with me because I can’t live without my family and I would take my best friends too, for don’t lonely when I get there.
I would take clothes for the winter and to play soccer. As soon as I got there, I would take a walk in the city to know more the place.
In the mornings I would walk around the city, in the afternoon I would play soccer and in the evenings I would go to the parties in the famous clubs in London and I really wouldn’t stay at home because in that city are many kinds of fun.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


If I could have the vacation of my dreams in some place in the world, I think I would travel to Australia. I would choose this country because my father said to me that he loved when he went there. He visited it and told me that Australia is a very polite country and all people are friendly and happy. He want to live there for 3 months but my mother don't want to move.

I would go there in the end of the year because is when school is over. To get there, I would travel by plane with my father, my sister and some friends, We are going to stay in Sydney because is the biggest city of Australia. I think I would like it. Will be the first vacation with my friends in a special place.

I have heard that Sydney is a good and famous city to visit because we have so many thinks to do and wonderful places to go. By the side of the bay we can find a beautiful and modern Sydney Opera House and we can go to the beaches. I also saw in the discovery channel photos about the beaches os Australia. There the water is very very very clean and we can see dolphins and all kind of fishs. The weather is hot so we can use short and t-shirts all the day.

In my first day I will spend my morning sleeping, my afternoon swimming and my evening in some local to see nice and yung people to dance all night with my friends. Australia will be like a wonderland, my wonderland. If I have some day a chance to go there I will have fun !!!

written by Melissa

Monday, September 24, 2007


If I could have the vacation of my dreams anywhere in the world, I think I would travel to some island at pacific like Tahiti. I would choose this place because it is a paradisiacal place with beautiful beaches and a lot of sun. I would travel on summer because it would be better to enjoy it.

To get there, I think I would travel by plane because it's farway from Brazil. I would take my best friends with me and my family too because in a beautiful place like this you have to enjoy with the people that you like.

I have heard that Tahiti is hot for all year so I would take just t-shirts, skirts, dresses and bikinis. The water there is transparent just like in Fernando de Noranha. See the sunset in pacific, because it’ s very beautiful and in Brazil it’s impossible because here the coast is bathed by altantic ocean.

As soon as I get there I would talk to the people who live there.During the morning I would go to the beach and enjoy the exotic nature and wait for the sunset, I would invite my friends to make a luau, and I would drink exotic cocktails. It would be perfect.


written by Júlia

United States

If I could have the vacation of my dreams anywhere in the world, I would travel to United States. I would choose this place because I have many friends that have been there and they told me they Ioved it. And there are many people in my family that have been there too. I would go there in December or January, because it is when school is out and I have been informaded that on this part of the year there is very cold, and I like it.

To get there, I woud have to travel by plan. This travel would be great because I would take my best friend Gabriela with me. She, as me, loves go shopping, and there are many. And there, the things aren’t expensive as in Brazil. And she loves amusement parks too.

I would take cold clothes, some jackets, some pants, some blouses and a pair of sneakers. I wouldn’t take too much clothes because I would buy a lot there. As soon as I got there, I would know the hotel and the city I would stay. They say there are exelents hotels there.

The places I would go to would be the shopping mall. I love go shopping and buy many things. I would do this in the morning because it might be Iess people at the mall this time. I would spend the afternoon going to the famous amusement parks of there and having fun. At night, I would go dinner out of the hotel. It would be a nice vacation.

written by Mariana Lara


If I could have the vocation of my dreams anywhere in the world, I would travel to Caribbean, I really want to go to this place because there looks like one tropical and exotic place where has many clear beaches and there are a lot of differents drinks and foods, a lot of nice people, many parties and many things to see. I think there would be really fun. I would go there in the summer to take advantage of all beaches.

To get there, I think I would travel by ship because it would be more fun and benefit. This would be great because I would take my cousin Jéssica or my boyfriend César with me because they are the best presence to guarantee a great time at all places. I think they would love to travel to another country with me.

I imagine that there is really hot 50 I would take dresses, shorts, a lot of bikinis, skirts, sleeveless shirts, sandals and two pairs of paints. As soon as I go there, I would go for a swim and drink something. People say that there has a lot of exotic foods se I would go to a restaurant first. Then I would visit the local villages and find out about typical parties.

The places I would go to would be the beaches bars, first. I love to prove exotic foods in exotic places. in the morning I would walk on the beach to make use of solar energy. in the afternoon I would take a tan at beach and find out oyster to eat because I lave it. At night I would certainly go to the best parties that would have there.

written by Cássia


If I could choose anywhere in the world, I think the best place to spend my vacationwould be Ireland. In my opinion, cold places are better, because with thick closes, we can stand it, but when it's hot, you can't do anything to take the heat away. Ireland is a cold, but no too cold place. I've alredy seen beatiful landscapes in images of this country. I think I would travel in the winter, because, as I mentioned I prefer cold than hot.

For this vacation, I would probably take an airplane, or maybe a boat or a ship. I would go alone,because, when we are alone, we can choose where we go, and how will we spend the time.

As I told, I would take thick clothes and maybe some pair s of boots. As soon as I get there, I would findmy hotel and plan how would the time be spend.

If this trip were possible, I would try to know the more places as I could. I would go to those beautiful mountains and try to get more stamps for my collection. That would be great!

written by Gustavo

New Zealand

If I could have the vacation of my dreams, I would go to New Zeland, because the Lord of the Ring was set there, the landscapes are very beuatiful and it is the "mother" of radical sports, the highest bungee jump is there. I would travel in the summer because I could do parachuting, bungee jump, scuba diving and rapel. If it is winter, the air would be so cold and I would not realize the radical sports.

To get there, I would travel by plane because it is the fastest way. I would take a corageous friend with me, because she would have to convince me to do the sports.

I would travel for all island, so I would take comfortable pants and blouses, sneakers to walk and my clothes would be for summer. As soon as I got there I would do a quite program, like walk in the city to know places like supermarkets, public telephones and basic things. After I would there for a long I would do the crazy sports.

In the mornings I would visit historic places, in the evenings I would do radical sports and buy clothes, souvernirs and practice my English with people who was born there. At night I would go to pubs and dance clubs. But some days I would to rest in hotel, go to a cafe and take many pictures.

I would like to stay there for, at least, one month because I would do all good things the country provides.



If I could travel to any part of the world, I would travel to Portugal.If I travelled there, I would learn more about the culture about the country, I would visit most beaches that I can, I would eat the most differents kinds of food and I would visit the historical centers. the sooner thing I would do when I got there, is eat their pastry.

If I went to Portugal, I would go there with my parents and I would go there in December because I would buy me a Christmas present there and I would have more time to stay there.I would go there by plane because it's the faster way to get there.I would take some jackets because the weather would be very cold there.
I would spend all my days doing crazy things, like spending all my money on last day in the airport and buying useless objects.

In my first day, in morning, I would search some field to play soccer, in the afternoon, I would go to the beach, in the evening, I would go to the mall and at night, I would go to a restaurant.

The sooner thing I would do when i got there, is eat their pastry.
I really know, if some day I went to Portugal, I would be very happy.



My dream vacation

In my dream vacation I would go to Egypt. I would travel there because Egypt has lots of things to do, for example: I would visit the pyramids; I would see the faraos and ride a camel. If I could choose the time of the year I would choose the winter because Egypt would be less hot than the summer.
I would travel there by plane of course, because planes are faster than others ways of transportation but I think it would be more expensive. If I have the chance to bring someone with me I would bring my grandmother and my mother because both loves Egypt and they are fascinated to visit it.
I know that Egypt is hot all the year so I would take: ten white t-shirts, eight shorts, one flip flops and one that. As soon as I got there I would rent three camels to my family and I, then we would go with a guide to the pyramids to see the farads and go to the city to rent one place for we stay and know the Egyptian people.
Certainly I would take the mornings to appreciate the Egyptian food and visit the pyramids, in the afternoons I would visit the Cairo’s museum which is a very interesting and important museum in Egypt and know more about the historical monuments of that beautiful place, then I would sit and wait for the sun sat, after that I would rest and wait for the other day

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I dream to go to many places around the world, but one that I would certainly go is Disney. I’ve always dreamed of going there because of the parks and the magic of Disney world. If I could choose a time of year to go, it would be at the end of the year, like December, because at this time of year it's colder there, and I love cold places. Another reason is because I would like to spend New Year's there.
To get there I would go by plane, it’s one of the best ways to get there and I love flying. I would go with my family and some friends. I’ve always traveled with my family and I like it very much, it makes me more comfortable, and I would take some friends to make the fun bigger.
If I went there at the end of the year, I would take some warm clothes, but not so much, I would buy more clothes there because some are cheaper. As soon as I got there, I would take many pictures and start to see the stores and buy some things. I think when you’re traveling you don’t have much time to breathe, so I would do many things when I got there, as I would do while I’m there.
Well, I would spend all my days going to the parks, riding rollercoasters, buying things, taking pictures, I would just stop to sleep a few hours. If I could go to Disney, I would have to take a vacation for the vacation.

Final version


I would like to travel to many places, but I think the vacation of my dreams is around all Europe, because if I go there, I can visit many countries in a few days and see the most beautiful and popular places in the world. In addition, I would like to go in the summer, because the weather there is very cold during all the year and I hate cold weather, so I would like the European temperature only in the summer.
To get there, I am sure I would go by plane, because it is faster and I don't like to stay closed in a place for a long time. However, I would take that famous train, which travels around Europe and stops in each country. In my dreams, I would take all people I like with me, my family and my friends. This way, I would have fun at all the moments, because there are moments that I need my family, but sometimes only my friends make me feel happy.
When I got there, I would like to go to the most famous touristic attractions and historical sites. But then, I would like to visit beaches, parties, stores and many other places. For that, I would take all kinds of clothes: a lot of bikinis, jeans, t-shirts, jackets, shorts and sweaters.
I am sure I wouldn't stay at home any time. I would wake up early to walk in the streets and then, in the afternoons, I would visit unusual places. At night, I would go out to make new friends at parties and restaurants. This vacation would be unforgettable!



One place I would love to go is Antarctica. Antarctica is the south pole and it's the coldest place on Earth. I would like to go there because I had never seen snow and Antarctica is the best place to practice snow sports and I would love to see penguins and polar bears. I loved to go there in the winter because the place is colder.

To go to Antarctica have only two ways, by plane or by ship.I think I would go by plane because by ship the travel is very long and tiring. I would take my friends to the vacation because with their we can have a lot of fun and I like to travel with my friends.

Antarctica is a very cold place and it's obvious I have to take very thick jackets, pants, and sneakers, so I will have to take a lot of luggage. As soon I got there I would make a snow ball and throw on the head of my friend and this would be very fun, after this I would meet new friends.

In this place doesn't have a lot of things to do because it's very cold and doesn't have bars, and luxury hotels. I would spent the days in the houses having fun with my friends and in the afternoon I would go out to see the beautiful animals, mostly the penguins and the polar bears but the things I would frequently do is sleep and eat. So I would love to go there.


written by Guilherme Caixeta

Six Flags

If I could visit any place in the world it would certainly be the six flags. It is a (chain of) park with the most scary roller coasters in the world! it's amazing!! I think it's at New York.
I would go there, in July or December because that's when me and my boyfriend have time to spend.

I actually don't know how to get there, I guess we would have to pick up a flight at São Paulo, then another flight to New York and then go by car with the help of a map (and getting lost about every 5 minutes). I would bring Paulinho, my boyfriend, with me because we both have a high sense of adventure, we would probably stop at some places to do radical sports if we could or to take pictures of the places we were at and get to know something about their history.

I like to bring everything with me when I'm traveling everywhere far from home, you never know when you'll need to use them. But since we will not stay at one place only, I guess I would not bring a big luggage, just some make up, a few skirts, underwears, t-shirts, trainers, a light dress to wear when it's too hot and some groceries to eat on the trip.

The first thing I would do would be go to The Kingda Ka it is simply the tallest, fastest roller coaster on earth. It breaks all world records for coaster speed and height, zooming from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds and catapulting you 45 stories into the sky!! I love adrenaline!
I would spend my morning and afternoon there and in the evenings I would go tour... Times Square, South Street Seaport, Liberty Island, I would be the best trip of my life if I had a chance to go there.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Zealand

A place that I'd love to go is New Zealand. There are so many places where we can play extreme sports. I really love this kind of sport. When I travel to radical places, I always practice so many differents sports. The best time of year to go there is at the end of it because at this time it's summer there.
My dream is to go there on a cruise because you can start enjoying your trip before getting there. I'd take my friends with me. We are really lively people. We always have some fun together.
One problem would be the clothes to take. I don't know what the people wear there, but I think I could take my regular clothes and I would buy some more as soon as I got there.
I would visit new places in New Zealand. At night we'd go to clubs and dance all night long. I know there are so many outdoor raves, and my friends and me love to go to this kind of party. In conclusion we would definitely have the best time there.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

São Paulo

I have always dreamed about going to São Paulo, because trere are many hot spots to visit, like skate parks, water parks and historical sites. If I had the chance to go to São Paulo, I wouldn’t think twice. One nice season to go there would be the summer, because it is warm and you don’t have to worry about wearing warm clothes and you can also enjoy the water parks better.
It doesn’t matter how to get there, because I like traveling by car, seeing the enviroment and I like to travel by plane too, because it doesn’t spend so much time and it is possible to see many things too. I would go with my family, because everybody in my family would like to go there. And I would also ask my friend Alan to join us, because he likes skateboarding too and he would enjoy it a lot.
I would take my day–by-day clothes, because the weather in São Paulo looks like Brasília’s weather. However, I would take my swimming suits and my flip flops too, because I would like to visit the water parks. In this travel, I would first go around the hotel and discover what there is to do and after I would go inside the hotel, looking for attractions.
I would try to enjoy the city as much as I can, going to touristic attractions, as parks and historical sites. And I could also go to the hot spots for skateboarders, in the street or at the popular skate parks. However, I would spend some evenings at the hotel, playing snooker and table tennis with my friends. This could be so exciting. In the mornings I could go to parks and in the afternoons I could go skateboarding.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Mythbusters is an interesting American TV program, where two unusual guys, named Jamie and Adam, make lots of unusual experiments. They test the popular myths in their labs, and sometimes outside them. In each episode, Jamie and Adam invent some different machines with their own notions o use some that are already done.

In the last episode I've seen, for example, they made lots of tests and experiments with guns and coins. One of the machines they had invented in this episodewas one that throws coins. Adam asked Jamie if he thought a coin could kill someone, with the impact. Jamie told im that he thought that was impossible. In the end I saw Jamie was right, it wasn't possible. The coin didn't have sufficient wieght for penetrating the human body, injurying one of our vital organs.

In general, I hate soap operas, but I like TV series and programs. I think this kind of program is very interesting and useful for our lives. Mythbusters is one of my favorites. For me, a bad or boring mythbusters episode doesn't exist. It's unusual, but nice.

written by Gustavo

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Dream Vacation

Hello guys!
With this new unit about journey, here are some pictures of the place I would like to visit if money were no restriction. Can you guess what place that is? Write your guesses in the comment area, using the modals of speculation we just learned.