Saturday, November 17, 2007

Styles above the world

In my community there are a lot of different people , with different thoughts and different styles , but some styles are a little more popular.
One of the bests is called EMO they usually are usually really sensitive , they like to wear black clothes and listen do Simple Plan , Fresno and Hateen . Most of people , are really rude with EMO’s because they think that most of the EMO’s community are gays/lesbians.
Another style , is casual . Casual people are usually calm , have a lot of friends , like to go to the club , to restaurants , to malls . They wear Toulon , Colcci and Brooksfield . Casula style is the most popular in the world because everybody can be a casual person.
People who likes Hip Hop are really cool . They use to wear Dolce Gabanna , Gucci , Diesel , and love to listen to 50 cent , Eminem , Bow Wow , Akon and G-unit . They are really friendly , and they show theirs opinions by writing lyrics.
In conclusion we can say that if we were all identical , we would be bored , because we wouldn’t have differences to talk about.



CresceNet said...
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Elysio said...

It's interesting to notice how people get together and form groups that put on the same kind of clothes, adopt a stylish haircut and listen to the same music. This gang you mentioned, the EMOS, has been the target of hatred and non-sense prejudice. I just can't understand why people swear at them, pick on friends who are ou look like EMOS. If they are homossexuals or not, I believe people should respect them anyway, for this is not anybody's business; in addition, nobody is exactly the same, not even twin brothers!