Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Teen Tribes

Tribes are groups of teens with the same age. They have ideas in common. Usually they become friends and make groups because of their admiration for a same band, songs and opinions. Style and hair cut can also be a way to mount a tribe.
In first place we have the Geeks. This is a very common tribe. They are very intelligent but shy.They don’t like sports, so they have a long time to be in front of a computer. Their clothes are basically a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and sometimes glasses. They often meet at the internet at online computer games and chat rooms.
The second group are the Punks. They are a very detached group in community. They use make-up on the face, their hair style and their piercing are very different, that provokes fear and suspicion to other people. They are considerated a very radical and aggressive tribe, because of that, they have been on news for aggression and violence.
The next one ate the Skin Head who doesn’t stay back. The teens in this group are completely bowl and have a lot of tattoos on their body. They hate negros, gays, Jewish and Brazilian northeast people. Their attitudes are based in Adolf Hitler’s convictions. Their principal enemies are the Punks.
Analyzing these groups so different we observe that all of them have something in common, they want to be accepts with their distinctions. Unfortunately this doesn’t make one tribe better than others.

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