Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chocolate com Pimenta

Chocolate com Pimenta was a very famous soap opera about an innocent girl, called Ana Francisca. She went to Ventura to live with her grandmother and started to love Danilo, the most popular boy in the city. They started to date, but Olga, a girl who loves Danilo, made Ana believes that he only wanted to humiliate her. Then, Ana married Ludovico, because she was pregnant. Ludovico was the owner of a a chocolate factory and when he died, Ana became the owner of this factory.

In the last episode, Ana discovered Olga's trick, because a boy, who used to be Olga's friend, said everything to Ana. Then, she went to Danilo's house to tell him why she had married Ludovico. Ana told Danilo she had a son with him before marry Ludovico. Danilo asked her why she hadn't told him before and Ana said she thought he didn't love her. Ana recouped her factory, which was stolen by her sister-in-law, Jezebel, who wanted to gain a lot of money with this factory. Finally, Ana Francisca and Danilo got married.

I like to watch soap operas only to spend my time, but some soap operas are silly. However, there were some soap operas that were very famous. Chocolate com Pimenta was one of those. Many people liked this soap opera because it was exciting and unusual. Moreover, it was really funny all the time. To conclude, I loved this soap opera, like all the country.



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

This was one of the few soap operas I've ever watched, and I laughed so much!

Carla Arena said...


Do you know that Chocolate com Pimenta is showing now on the American TV and it is in Spanish?

The Hispanic community in the US loves Brazilian Soap Operas.

A Brazilian living in Key West, Florida.

Cristina Costa said...

I remember this show being broadcast in the Portuguese TV. My mum used to watch it. I think I saw a couple of episodes with her. I liked it.
Anything with chocolate sounds great anyway. ;-)

Luana and Monica said...

We are students of 3b too and when chocolate com pimenta was on tv we watched every day, it is so fun and romantic! (:

Nahir said...

Hi Luciana,

I loved this soap opera too, I had a good time watching it.

There is a soap opera that is showing in the Venezuelan tv, the name in Spanish is "Cobras y lagartos" starred by Mariana Ximenes and Daniel de Oliveira. Did you know the actress who played Leona is Venezuelan?


Nahir from Carcas, Venezuela

Nina Liakos said...

I've never heard of it, but I almost never watch TV. I like the title though. I think most soap operas are silly, too, but I've enjoyed some "sit-coms".
Nina Liakos (ESL teacher in Maryland, USA)

SusNyrop said...

Chocolate with Pimenta sounds like a very special treat :-)

teacher Sus from Denmark

Melissa said...

When I saw this soap opera for the first time I don't liked. But when I saw it in "vale a pena ver de novo" I liked very mutch =)
is really funny and crazy.

by: Melissa (your friend class) *

Luciana Graziani said...

Nahir, I didn't know that she is Venezuelan, are you sure?!
She speaks Portuguese very well!

Luciana Graziani said...

Carla, I didn't know... Do you like to watch this soap opera?!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing that states that she's venezuelan. I love that actress, so I would've known whether or not she was....