Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My favorite Tv series is Lost. It is about people that had had a plane accident and fell in a unknown and mysterious island. There are many characters, but who more appear are Jack, Sawyer, Katy, Locke and Hugo. Jack is a doctor and is like a leader. In the past, he had problems with his dad. Locke was paralyzed, and when he fell on the island, he could walk. Locke is the hunter and has problems about leadership with Jack. Hugo had had a simple life until he won the lottery. He believes the numbers that he used on lottery are cursed, and he saw the same numbers on island. Sawyer was a blower and is a cold man. He fight with everyone, but deep down, he just need atention, because he had a hardly childhood. Katy was a fugitive's law because she killed her stepfather. On island, she is the only one who is amazing with Sawyer and she feels something for Jack.
On last chapter I've watched, they found another group that was on the airplane too, and they started to live together. Hugo fell in love with a psychology that was in the other group. Jack and Locke had a prisoner: Locke believes that the prisoner was in island before them and wanna hurt them. Jack believes in the prisoner's version that his ballom felt there. Other three people went to look for the ballom to confirm the history. Sawyer played a dirty trick on Locke and Katy, and now he controls the guns.
I think Lost is the best one because we don't know the survivers' past and it is seemed along the serie, making us curious about the next chapter and about what are going to hapen on island. It is unpredictable!
Besides the history, the cenary and actors are very beautiful and work very well.


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I watched only the first season, then I got a little tired of it... I was glad Rodrigo Santoro represented Brazilian actors, though.

Carla Arena said...

Hi, Mariana,

Can you believe I've never watched Lost, though I know it must be a special series as it is so popular! I guess that the interesting aspect of the series is the psychological aspect of all the characters. As they are there together and fighting for survival, every single trace of their character becomes more evident.

What do you think? Maybe you could convince me to watch it!

A Brazilian living in Key West, Florida

Mônica Veado said...

Hi Mariana,

I've been a huge fan of the series since the pilot episode 3 years ago! I love the way the stories and characters are all connected. I don't know where the writers are taking us or how they will solve all the mysteries on that island, but I'm certainly having a lot of fun watching it! Now I'm looking forward to the next season. Do you have a favourite character? Mine is Sawyer - I love his acid sense of humour! :-)

Anne said...

This is a series which is running on Danish TV at the moment and I have never watched it. But your description makes me think I should give it a try soon. Thank you.

Teresa said...

Hi, Mariana!
I enjoyed your report about "Lost", because I only saw one episode last year - it didn't grab my attention - and now I understand what it's all about.
Nice work! Congrats!
Teresa Almeida d'Eca (EFL teacher in Portugal)

Nina Liakos said...

I don't watch much TV and I've never heard of this series, but I enjoyed reading your post, Mariana, and am very impressed by your English!
Nina Liakos (ESL teacher in Maryland, USA)

Anonymous said...
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Lucia Santos said...

I love Lost and I'm looking forward for the next episodes. I liked the way you described the characters. People who never watched Lost will surely be curious about the story.

Lucia Santos

Melissa said...

Hi Mariana . I am your class friend and I have never watched Lost =O . Everybody said for me that was really good and I like to watch Lost some day. I am curious about the end of this story x)

Mariana Reis said...

Hi Carla. :)
yeah,the psychological aspect is very interesting too. And I have watched and think: and if it was me? what I would do?
Do you know that Rodrigo Santoro(do you know Rodrigo? He is a brazilian) is participating? I don't know exatly what the season he is on, because I am watching the second season yet.

Mariana Reis said...

Hey Monica.
Well, i don't have a favorite character, but i don't like Ana Lucia althoug she had a hardly life.
I like Sawyer too, more than I like Jack. Sawyer is funny and when he wears his glasses I laught a lot.

Mariana Reis said...

Anne, Teresa, Nina and Lucia, thanks for reading my composition. :)

Natalia said...

«Lost» is really one of the most interesting and thrilling TV serial. Practically in each series we learn something new. I enjoy such kind of films, where the specta-tor is in the condition of permanent expectation. The serial is really unpredictable.

Elena Nikolaenko said...

I believe the value of this serial lies in its profound psychological insight into the human nature. The heroes live in the secluded world where there is everything we have in our day-to-day life. But they live in extreme conditions and under such circumstances people’s best and worst features come onto the surface by far more obvious. The cast of the film is to advantage and all of them give a convincing portrayal of their characters.

Maxim Jackubowski
Bryansk state uni, faculty of foreign languages

lautaro said...

lost is a very good serie, is really funny, and interesting. the charecters are great ( sawyer, jack,kate,hurley, locke).i saw all the seasons, the 3. i recomended all people.