Monday, August 20, 2007

My Wife and Kids

This TV series is about the life of a family. There's Michael Kyle, the family's father, who thinks that is never wrong. Jay Kyle (his wife) thinks that beauty is all. There are their children too: Junior (the oldest-17) isn't the most intelligent; Claire, the vain girl (14), and Kady (the youngest-7). They are a funny family that's always in troubles and make us very interested to see others episodes.

In the last episode, the family was travelling to Hawai. They went to the hotel and when they were meeting the place, Junior met a girl and imediately got in love. In the next morning, Jay wanted Michael to woke up and went out with her, but he said that didn't want to do it, he wanted to sleep more. Then she went out alone and didn't talk to him during the day. In the night , Michael said that he was sorry and invited Jay to have dinner. She said that excused him and acepted to go dinner. When they were going out, they told the children that if they wanted something, they could call to the reception and put on the account. When they went, the children bought too many things and put on the account. At the end of the episode, Michael went to the reception to pay the account and went home, but there was a big file. He discovered that the flight was earlier than he thought. And there was another problem: Junior didn't want to go, he wanted to stay on Hawai with his new girlfriend. Michael told Jay to solve the problem. Jay told Junior that if he really wanted to stay in Hawai, he could, after all he was 17. Junior decided to come back and say bye to his girlfriend. When Michael were being attended on the reception, he saw the account and got very furios with the children, but he didn't have time to do anything because they had to go to the airport imediately. During the way, Jay said that although the confusion, their vacation was very good.

Television series are, in my opinion, a very good type of TV program that make us laugh and can, many times, teach us something. I think that they're better than soap operas, that show, many times, bad things.

written by Mariana Lara


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

My Wife and Kids rules!

Teresa said...

Hi, Mariana!
Thanks for telling me about "My Wife and Kids". I must ask my sons if it's showing on Portuguese TV or on cable.
You know, there are many people like Michael, convinced that "they know it all and are never wrong", and like Jay, who seems like the futile type to me.
Nice work! Congrats!
Teresa (an EFL teacher in Portugal)

Cristina Costa said...

I don't know this show, but it sure looks like a fun one. I will check if they are broadcasting it here on the British TV!

Ramon Costamilan said...

My Wife and Kids is cool, truly funny, junior is always the dumb doing stupid things, just to give Michael the chance to make fun with him.

Nina Liakos said...

My husband watches this sometimes, but I never have time to watch TV--too busy correcting my students' papers!
Congratulations on your excellent writing!
Nina Liakos (ESL teacher in the US)

Melissa said...

I am your class friend and I love "My Wife and Kids". This program is really funny and the life of the family is really diferent as my ...
They are very crazy .
I think this program is the best now a days for have fun ;)