Monday, August 20, 2007

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a comic TV program. It is about a family who lives in Springfield, a city in the United States, and they always have problems. The caracthers are Homer(father), Margie(mother) and the childrens Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Homer works on a nuclear industry and his boss is very selfish. The Simpsons is a cartoon which makes everyone laugh.

In the last episode, the city of Springfield had been invaded by burglars and everyone in the city had a gun, except Homer.
Margie told Homer to doesn't bought a gun but he didn't hears. So he went to a gunshop and said to the attendent he needed a gun but the attendent didn't sold the gun. Three days after Homer went to the gun shop again and the attendent finally sold a gun, one revolver. Then Homer shows the gun to everyone and entered in a secret organization of guns with his friends, but one day the friends went to his house and saw he doing all things with the revolver and they asked if he used the gun for anything, because this is prohibited. In the end Homer gaves the gun to Margie to take it away, but the she didn't because she told to Homer she had a lot of power with a gun.

In my opinion The Simpsons is a very good cartoon to watch and to have fun, because it makes everyone laugh and shows the reality for a funny way. If you have time, watch The Simpsons and a lot of TV programs who are similar to its. I love The Simpsons and a lot of cartoons which are very funny and its makes everyone happy. They are a good thing to pass the time and a good thing to watch with anybody.


written by Guilherme Caixeta


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I totally agree The Simpsons is a great series! Has anyone watched the movie yet?

Martin McMorrow said...

I enjoyed your article about the Simpsons. One of my favourite series too. Actually, one of the only things worth watching here on New Zealand TV!

Kia Ora,


Mônica Veado said...

Hi Guilherme,
I find the Simpsons hysterical! They are absoultely fantastic. But the biggest fan I know is my cousin - he's recorded virtually every episode since season 1, and has even met one of the writers when he visited Brazil!
A hug from Belo Horizonte!

Teresa said...

Hi, Guilherme!
I've been a big fan of "The Simpsons" for several years. I especially like the irreverence in Homer and Bart, and Homer's "hillbillyness"!!!
Nice work! Congrats!
Teresa Almeida d'Eca (an EFL teacher in Portugal)

Cristina Costa said...

The Simpsons are a very funny family. They make me laugh.
I haven't seen the movie though. Is it any good?

Amanda Álvares said...

hey i'm a 3B student from asa norte, and I really like The Simpsons. Did you see their movie? Spider Pig? hahaha !
I laugh a lot watching The Simpsons !
bye :)

Nina Liakos said...

I've never watched The Simpsons, but I understand it's a great for showing people how NOT to behave!
Nina Liakos (ESL teacher in Maryland, USA)

Melissa said...

I am Melissa for friend for CTJ and I love to watch the simpsons and I loved the movie x) it was really funny.

lautaro said...

i am a big fan of the simpsons for several years, is one of the most great serie of the las years.i saw the movie in the cinema, and i like it, was very funny, i enjoy a lot watching los simpsons.