Monday, August 27, 2007

Kenan and Kell

When I was 6 years old I used to like “Kenan and Kell”. That TV program was very funny. My sister and I used to watch them after school time. All the episodes were really interesting and we found that they performed very well .We liked it when the program was going to start and Kell said:”aaaaah, let’s go!”

My favorite episode was when Kenan (the fat boy) and his best friend Kell
(The dummy gay) saw Chicago Bulls’ game in a Saturday morning on TV. They decided to eat breakfast together in Kenan’s house. So Kenan asked Kell to do the breakfast for him. When Kenan was eating the atum sandwich he choked and felt very bad. So they had an idea to process the atum supplier, but in the end Kenan found out that Kell had putted in the sandwich a metal screw without noticing it. That made me laughs a lot.

“Kenan and Kell” TV program had more characters like: Chris Potter (The boss of Kenan), Kyra Rockmore (Kenan’s sister who loves Kell), Roger Rockmore (Kenan’s father who hates Kell), Sheryl Rockmore (Kenan’s mother), Sharla (The girl who loves Kenan and works with him), Janet (the nerd of the school) and Briana (the girl who Kenan loves).

This TV program was finished when Kell died in the real life. It was terrible because I liked him very much , he was very cute. I didn’t saw the lest episode.

Now a days have other TV program who imitate “Kenan and Kell”. This TV program calls “Drake and Josh” it is not funny.

written by Melissa


Marcus said...

Melissa faria
I think that your post it's really great congratulations ;)

Carla Arena said...


Funny because as I read your post, I'm here in the room with my son and he is watching "Drake and Josh" and he just loves them! I asked him why he liked the two kids and he told me that they are crazy! My son is seven and as we're living in the US, I feel it's a great way for him to practice English. And, you know, it's just amazing how much he picks up by watch the TV program.

Nowadays, what's your favorite program?

Waiting for more!

A Brazilian living in Key West, Florida

Ibrahim said...

Salom(Hello) Melissa!

I really enjoyed reading about your favorite TV program!

Well done!

~Ibrahim from Tajikistan(Do you this country?)

Teresa said...

Hi, Melissa!
I enjoyed your report, but don't know the cartoons you talk about. I'm a "cota" (an oldie, as kids say in Portugal)!!! ;-)
I've always loved "The Flinstones" and "The Simpsons".
Nice work you did! Congrats!
Teresa Almeida d'Eca (an EFL teacher in the greater Lisbon area, Portugal)

Cristina Costa said...

I am not sure the show you have just described was broadcast in Portugal, but it sure sounds like fun!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Everybody here loves s2 Kenan and Kell! So, enjoy it now!!! xD



Mariane and Felipe said...

Hey, We are in 3b of Asa Norte, we didn`t know Kell died, that is very sad. We expect the program continue good.


Mariane and Felipe said...

Hey, We are in 3b of Asa Norte, we didn`t know Kell died, that is very sad. We expect the program continue good.


Leonardo and Joaquim said...

oh my god ! :O we had no idea that kell died ;/ we are very shocked with it... we loved this tv program too, but we don`t dislike "Drake and Josh" .and did someone know how kell died ?
we are students from 3b and we`re waiting for more details

Nina Liakos said...

I never heard of this program. Is it American? I'm glad you enjoyed it and sorry about Kell.
Nina from Maryland (USA)

Melissa said...

Hi nina liakos . Yes this program is american !

Melissa said...

Hi Leonardo and Joaquim my friend told me that kenan has died but I don't know who he died !

lautaro said...

yes !! , lost is the moust espectacular serie of all time ( with nip tuck ), the charecters are great ) john locke is my FAVOURITE, and the scrpt change episode to episode,well, this is all.