Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Wife and Kids

This Tv series is set in a lively suburb where there is a nice family. There is Michael Kyle, a loving husband and bald patch man who teaches his three children some of life’s lessons, he does so with his own brand of wisdom, discipline and humor, his favorite sport is golfe. His wife is Jay Kyle who worry about her appearance, she always wants to lose weight. They have three kids, they are Junior Kyle - a not very smart guy but creative - Claire Kyle - who loves shopping - and Kady Kyle who is spoiled child.

The last episode I had seen, they were going to Hawai on vocations, at first one gay helped Claire to cath her backpacks and suitcases, she couldn´t resist and she flirted the guy, his father felt jealous and told her to get out there. Junior knew one girl who he promised her that he will never leave her alone. Mike and Jay used they time together and happy with family.
My opinion obout it:

In my opinion, TV series are better than soap opares because whe can watch any episode without have seen the last epsode because all of it are different historys.


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I love My Wife and Kids, especially the first seasons.

Carla Arena said...

Funny, Cassia, I've never heard about this series. I'll look for it here in the US.

Besides, this TV Series, do you like any other?

Eager to hear from you.

A Brazilian living in Key West, Florida.

Cristina Costa said...

Well, after so many posts about this series I really have to do something about it. I will be looking for it on TV! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Here is Marcella and Felipe from asa norte, 3B students :)

U r sexy and hot :x
We luved your compositionnn
We watched this episode today!!!!

xD ;D :-) :-@



Nina Liakos said...

I guess this one wins the prize: three people chose to write about it! I agree about series vs. soap operas. Once you understand the situation and become familiar with the characters, it's not essential to watch in any particular order.
Nina Liakos (ESL teacher in Maryland USA)

SusNyrop said...

I've never been to Hawaii on a holiday myself - sounds like a dream. SO far away from Denmark, North Europe, where I live.

Melissa said...

I love My Wife and Kids. All the epsodes is funny !*
by : Melissa for CTJ _asa_sul