Friday, August 17, 2007


Rebelde is a Mexican soap opera. The story starts in ‘Elite Way School’ a particular school for riches people. Mia is the most popular girl at the school; she worries a lot about ‘what’s to wear’ . Miguel is an impulsive boy who comes to the capital to study in this school with a scholarship. Mia and Miguel cannot admit that they love each other. Roberta is daughter of a famous singer and hates the new school, and she loves Diego, but they are always fighting. Diego is son of an import politician and he loves music but his father doesn’t agree with that, and are always traing to manipulate Diego to do what him wants, Diego has a secret love for Roberta but he pretends that hates her. Lupita is a very intelligent girl; she is pour and can’t pay the school so she got a scholarship. Giovanni is a boy who only cares about money and he doesn’t supports the ideaof became pour one day. These six teenagers have the same passion: music and they formed a band: RBD.

This soap opera has already finished. The end was perfect. After many problems and fights, in the last chapter Miguel asked Mia if she wanted to marry with him and she said yes. Diego and Roberta stopped to fight and admitted the love about each other and Diego told Roberta that he wanted to be with her forever.Lupita started to go out with Santos a guy who had always loved her and Giovanni learned that family and friends are much more important than money. In addition, the band makes a lot of success, it is a real band right now, and the six actors are making concerts around the world.

In my opinion, this soap opera makes a lot of success because it talked about; the problems that all teenagers have, about love, money, fights etc and was very funny . It was very good. Sometimes I decided to no go out with my friends just to see it, I bought the DVD’s that have all the soap and went to the RBD's concert. I think soap operas in general makes success because they show the real life with a lot of 'glamour'.



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

My sister-in-law used to be crazy about Rebelde too!

Carla Arena said...

Now that Rebelde is over, what are you watching and having fun with?

Eager to hear from you.

A Brazilian living in Key West, Florida.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to hear why you think people like soap operas. Have you ever seen an English soap opera? They are very different I think. They aren't glamorous at all. Maybe you can find out more about them on or if you're interested.

A teacher in Norwich England

Cristina Costa said...

I have never watched this one, but it seems a good one. We usually don't get Mexican soaps in Portugal that often!

Anonymous said...

Hi, here are marcella and felipe :) from asa norte...
we are so sexy like rebelde We love this soap opera!!!!
your composicion is so good


Nina Liakos said...

Happy endings are nice.... Everybody lives happily ever after! :-)

Nina Liakos (ESL teacher in Maryland USA)

júlia herrera said...

-Hi Carla, Well I still love the band, and the soap starts again at ‘Boomerang’ in Brazil so I'm watching this again. ;}

- No, I've never seen a English soap opera, but I'm going to visit this sites. Thank you.

- Cristina: It's true, Rebelde was not exhibit in Portugal but it makes a lot of successful in countries like Spanish and French! It's very good!

-Marcella and Felipe; Have you ever been in a RBD concert?

- Hi Nina! Yes its true happy endings are nice but they're sad to, because it's the end. =)

Melissa said...

I am Melissa, Júlia's friend from CTJ class. I don't like REBELDE but she loveeeeeeeeees!
x) she is carzy for the soap opera, for the band and for the man who calls in the soap opera : Miguel ¬¬'
and I have to see her talking about they every day when I go to CTJ. x)
I have fun with her x)