Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trick It Out

For years , Trick it out has been customizing cars for MTV . But now they have invited the top auto shops in Los Angeles for a competition .On each episode of Trick it out , two teams of four cars artisans will represent their shops , each team gets 10 days and $15,000 to use their skills to customize a car . RJ Devera is the person that will determine the winner of each Trick it out episode , they chose him , because he’s one of the bests cars artisans in the USA . The team that loses has to give the car that they made to the other team.

Last episode Auto Accessory made a car with a “bat” style , it was black , and it was a HONDA . Auto Customization was the other team , they made a car with a “club” style , it had a DJ machine on it , and a lot of TVs with DVDs . The winner was Auto Accessory . They were better than Auto Customization.

In my opinion Tv programs are really important to entertain our life and make us happy . I think that Trick it out is the best program because I love cars and in this program I can see how the artisans customize them . If you like cars you should watch this program , it’s great!

written by Marcus



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I had never heard of this show before reading your composition, Marcus. I have watched "Pimp my ride", though, and now I really feel like watching Trick it out too.

Carla Arena said...

Like Ronaldo, Marcus, I've never heard about this program, but I can see that you really enjoy it!

What's the car of your dreams?

Eager to hear from you.

A Brazilian living in Key West, Florida.

Cristina Costa said...

That sounds interesting. I could get my car customized!

Do you fancy I could get a computer with Internet connection and surf on the net while driving? It would have to be Internet hands-free, of course! :-)

Nina Liakos said...

Now here is a really different kind of TV show. It's nice to see somebody watches something other than soap operas!
Nina Liakos
Maryland, USA

SusNyrop said...

I agree with you on loving cars (especially venetarn cars from the past). To me, they are like magic! And I don't even drive myself.
My son just bought a second hand Audi which is a very useful car for family transportation, so comfortable to sit in while driving. But I do think it uses too much fuel. Which is your favorite car?

Marcus said...

My favorite kind of cars are the ones from Audi ;)

I really enjoyed to see that other people like cars as I like xP

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Hi marcus . I am Melissa your friend from CTJ. I have never heard about this program but I like cars too ^^