Monday, August 20, 2007

The O.C

When I was younger I would sit every afternoon and night to watch my favourite soap opera. As I grew older, my taste for soap operas got much better because thesedays I prefer to watch more famous series that deals with teenager's feelings and problems, so I have chosen to talk about my favourite soap opera of all times: The OC.
The main characters are Ryan Atwood and Marisa Cooper, they are around our age: 16/17 years old. Ryan had serious problems with dealing with his family. Marisa is the most famous girl of her school and thought her family were perfect. They were not. Ryan went to live at Sandy's Cohen house in Orange County. There he met his son, Seth, whom he became friends and fell in love with Marisa.

The last episode I saw started with the sinopse of the previous ones.
Caleb Nichol died and everyone went to his funeral, meanwhile Kirsten, his older daughter, was having serious problems with drinking and went to a rehabilitation center. Ryan found out that his brother tried to abuse his girlfriend and went to deal it with him. Things got pretty ugly between them and Ryan was losing the fight. Trey was almost killing him when Marisa entered the house and shot him on his heart. He died.

The O.C is a very famous show because everyone wants to see whats is coming next: his fights with Marisa, the stupid things Seth used to do to date Summer, it was all very fascinating because this actually happens in "real life".
I was so addicted to it that I spent all my money buying season 1 and 2! I definetly love it.



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I've never watched one episode of The OC, but I've had many students who loved it too!

Jully said...

before I watch the first episode of the serie i thought that it was maybe a silly thing to do but in the end aiuhauhia...

Carla Arena said...
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Carla Arena said...
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Carla Arena said...
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Carla Arena said...

Dear Jully,

I've never watched the OC. Is that the only series you follow?

Do you think the reality it shows is similar to Brazilian teens' lives?

Eager to hear from you.

A Brazilian living in Key West, Florida.

Teresa said...

Hi, Jully!
Can you imagine that I've never even heard of "The OC"??!! I must be getting very old. Besides, I don't watch much TV. Just a bit in bed before falling asleep.
Nice work! Keep it up!
Teresa Almeida d'Eca (EFL teacher in Portugal)

Cristina Costa said...

I watched that show for a while!
I liked it a lot. It was a fun one. I wish I lived in a place like that... at least for a while! I think it is too fancy for me though! hehehe

Nina Liakos said...

I never watch soap operas, which are only on in the afternoons in the US. Are they sponsored by soap companies in Brazil? That's how they got the name "soap operas" in the US, but I think the sponsors are different now.

Melissa said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to watch the O.C . That serie was really good and I was sad when I knew that the finaly episode was going to have. I want to have more and more and more O.C in Brazil. x)
It was very good !!!

Jully said...

Hi Carla!
No, the O.C isn't the only one. I used to see Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, Lost and that unreal sort of things auihai it's nice to escape from real stuffs that are happening in the country right now sometimes you know?
Thank you for commenting =}

Dear Teresa, the oc is very nice to understand what passes on teen's minds when they are passing through specifics momments. I think you should see when you have time. Kisses!

Carla! it's always nice to imagine we have that money to spend with futile things!!
and yes, the place is beautiful!

Nina, I don't think so! auihiau
Thank you for commenting!

Hi There Mel!
thanks for the comment honey!!!
I liked it a lot!!!
isn't Ryan gorgeous??? and the other boys!? I wish I had one like that :)