Tuesday, September 18, 2007

São Paulo

I have always dreamed about going to São Paulo, because trere are many hot spots to visit, like skate parks, water parks and historical sites. If I had the chance to go to São Paulo, I wouldn’t think twice. One nice season to go there would be the summer, because it is warm and you don’t have to worry about wearing warm clothes and you can also enjoy the water parks better.
It doesn’t matter how to get there, because I like traveling by car, seeing the enviroment and I like to travel by plane too, because it doesn’t spend so much time and it is possible to see many things too. I would go with my family, because everybody in my family would like to go there. And I would also ask my friend Alan to join us, because he likes skateboarding too and he would enjoy it a lot.
I would take my day–by-day clothes, because the weather in São Paulo looks like Brasília’s weather. However, I would take my swimming suits and my flip flops too, because I would like to visit the water parks. In this travel, I would first go around the hotel and discover what there is to do and after I would go inside the hotel, looking for attractions.
I would try to enjoy the city as much as I can, going to touristic attractions, as parks and historical sites. And I could also go to the hot spots for skateboarders, in the street or at the popular skate parks. However, I would spend some evenings at the hotel, playing snooker and table tennis with my friends. This could be so exciting. In the mornings I could go to parks and in the afternoons I could go skateboarding.


Melissa said...

Hi João Henrique. I am your class friend and I don't belive that you have never visited São Paulo. São Paulo is a good city and there you have so many things to do.There you can go to water parks and skate parks. I know that you love skate so I think you would have fun there . Talk about this with your family x)

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi João! São Paulo is an unusual dream vacation destination, but I have to admit that São Paulo does have a lot of cool attractions. I'm sure you'll be able to realize your dream and have a lot of fun when you go there!

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Hi João!
I've been to São Paulo once, but I haven't enjoyed so much because it was only for a week. I believe that the city has so much to offer. And I hope if some day I get there again I'm able to enjoy a little more. Maybe you should get some informations before you go, for you can spend a nice time there.

Isabela said...

São Paulo is a city of contrasts. It's ugly and beautiful at the same time, interesting and boring. I love the song "Sampa" by Caetano. I think he was able to depict what São Paulo is very clearly.

Ramon Costamilan said...

Hi, São Paolo is a great city, that is for sure, but it isn`t all you expect, the parks are great, there is Museuns and sites , anyway enjoy your trip and see what you think of the city.

Your composition is good, and have all ta must be there.