Sunday, September 23, 2007


I would like to travel to many places, but I think the vacation of my dreams is around all Europe, because if I go there, I can visit many countries in a few days and see the most beautiful and popular places in the world. In addition, I would like to go in the summer, because the weather there is very cold during all the year and I hate cold weather, so I would like the European temperature only in the summer.
To get there, I am sure I would go by plane, because it is faster and I don't like to stay closed in a place for a long time. However, I would take that famous train, which travels around Europe and stops in each country. In my dreams, I would take all people I like with me, my family and my friends. This way, I would have fun at all the moments, because there are moments that I need my family, but sometimes only my friends make me feel happy.
When I got there, I would like to go to the most famous touristic attractions and historical sites. But then, I would like to visit beaches, parties, stores and many other places. For that, I would take all kinds of clothes: a lot of bikinis, jeans, t-shirts, jackets, shorts and sweaters.
I am sure I wouldn't stay at home any time. I would wake up early to walk in the streets and then, in the afternoons, I would visit unusual places. At night, I would go out to make new friends at parties and restaurants. This vacation would be unforgettable!



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I would love to go to Europe too, and when I go, I'll try to visit as many countries as possible!

Isabela said...

The first time I went to Europe was when I was 19. I was already a teacher at CTJ, believe it or not, and I went there to take a three-week English course in England and then travel around Europe with a group by bus. It was awesome. The only inconvenience is that we went in the winter. Then I went back four years later on my honeymoon, this time in the summer. This year I went to Paris with my 15-year-old daughter as her birthday present (as well as to celebrate my 40th birthday). We both loved it a lot. I hope you can go to Europe soon, Luciana. Why not as your 15th birthday present, and with you mom? It's a great idea!

Marcella Kehl said...

I'd really love to visit europe too...
i think that is soo beautifull, interesting and funny!

ypur composition is perfect!!! I don't see any error!! Congratulationss\!!!!';D

Daniela said...

I am sure you would love Europe! There's a diversity of people here, and around every corner different treasures would await you! I live in a European country that has all the four seasons, right now we're in the middle of a beautiful autumn, but in the mountains (not far from my city, about 35 km away) it has already snowed and on Sunday when my family and I went there we made a snowman!
Best regards from Sibiu, Romania, Europe,