Monday, September 17, 2007


Mythbusters is an interesting American TV program, where two unusual guys, named Jamie and Adam, make lots of unusual experiments. They test the popular myths in their labs, and sometimes outside them. In each episode, Jamie and Adam invent some different machines with their own notions o use some that are already done.

In the last episode I've seen, for example, they made lots of tests and experiments with guns and coins. One of the machines they had invented in this episodewas one that throws coins. Adam asked Jamie if he thought a coin could kill someone, with the impact. Jamie told im that he thought that was impossible. In the end I saw Jamie was right, it wasn't possible. The coin didn't have sufficient wieght for penetrating the human body, injurying one of our vital organs.

In general, I hate soap operas, but I like TV series and programs. I think this kind of program is very interesting and useful for our lives. Mythbusters is one of my favorites. For me, a bad or boring mythbusters episode doesn't exist. It's unusual, but nice.

written by Gustavo


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Gustavo, I simply LOVE mythbusters!!! The experiments are very interesting and those two guys are extremely funny, especially because they have completely different personalities...

SusNyrop said...

Hello Ronaldo, I've never seen Mythbusters but from your description I know I would want to see their program.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Sus, how are you doing? Thank you so much for writing to my students. Who actually wrote this composition was my student Gustavo, I just typed it up for him. But I'm glad you liked his description of Mythbusturs

Dan said...

Hi Gustavo,

I love Mythbusters. They really do have interesting topics that are persistent, urban legends (as well as some valid beliefs) in the United States (many are internationally-held as well).

Unfortunately, I don't get to watch it very much these days. I am an English teacher in Korea and, while I catch Mythbusters occasionally on AFN (American Forces Network--television station here in Korea), it is not shown regularly.

I wish that they did a show like that in Korea. There are many "myths" here that I would like to bust :)

Good job with this review and thank your teacher for his great work getting international feedback for your classes' writings.


Melissa said...

Hi Gustavo . I am your class friend in CTJ and I've never seen Mythbusters but I think is really interesting. And .. may I ask you something ... why don't you like soap operas???


Hi Gustavo.
Where can I see it???

It seems really interesting!