Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Zealand

A place that I'd love to go is New Zealand. There are so many places where we can play extreme sports. I really love this kind of sport. When I travel to radical places, I always practice so many differents sports. The best time of year to go there is at the end of it because at this time it's summer there.
My dream is to go there on a cruise because you can start enjoying your trip before getting there. I'd take my friends with me. We are really lively people. We always have some fun together.
One problem would be the clothes to take. I don't know what the people wear there, but I think I could take my regular clothes and I would buy some more as soon as I got there.
I would visit new places in New Zealand. At night we'd go to clubs and dance all night long. I know there are so many outdoor raves, and my friends and me love to go to this kind of party. In conclusion we would definitely have the best time there.



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I would certainly like to visit New Zealand too, it must be a very beautiful country! Check out these photos:

Isabela said...

It's also on top of my list of places I'd like to visit! I'm just not sure whether I'd have the guts to go bungee jumping, though.

Amanda and Felipe :) said...

We think is a good place to visit. It's very very very beautiful. It's a diferent trip because people always think about visiting cities and go shopping, even us.

Why don't you talk a little more about your trip?