Monday, September 24, 2007

New Zealand

If I could have the vacation of my dreams, I would go to New Zeland, because the Lord of the Ring was set there, the landscapes are very beuatiful and it is the "mother" of radical sports, the highest bungee jump is there. I would travel in the summer because I could do parachuting, bungee jump, scuba diving and rapel. If it is winter, the air would be so cold and I would not realize the radical sports.

To get there, I would travel by plane because it is the fastest way. I would take a corageous friend with me, because she would have to convince me to do the sports.

I would travel for all island, so I would take comfortable pants and blouses, sneakers to walk and my clothes would be for summer. As soon as I got there I would do a quite program, like walk in the city to know places like supermarkets, public telephones and basic things. After I would there for a long I would do the crazy sports.

In the mornings I would visit historic places, in the evenings I would do radical sports and buy clothes, souvernirs and practice my English with people who was born there. At night I would go to pubs and dance clubs. But some days I would to rest in hotel, go to a cafe and take many pictures.

I would like to stay there for, at least, one month because I would do all good things the country provides.



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I would certainly love to visit New Zealand too! And since my current dream vacation destination is Australia, once in Australia, why not visit New Zealand too?

Leonardo and Joaquim said...

the composition is very good , I`d love to go to new zealand too.My only suggestion for you to improve it is to use more linking words , and do a conclusion about why you would visit there.