Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Simpsons

"The Simpsons" is a very popular program around the world.It's about one not very normal family. Homer is married with Marge and they have three children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. "The Simpsons" is a cartoon that represent a kind funny the society.

In the last episode Homer was singing some songs at christmas but he was bored with the same songs ever so he said that he would create one song, so he did it. One week after he created the song, he got bored too because his song was playing everywhere. He decided to travel to anywhere that was peaceful, so he said to his family that they were going to travel on the following day. They travelled to a farm and everyone was tranquil there. Homer and Marge were relaxing together, Bart was riding horses and Lisa met a boy that she really liked. Homer and Bart helped the indians to repair them village. Lisa was unsuccessful with the boy that she was in love. Marge and Maggie relaxed all the time. In the end they back to their home relaxed

I think "The Simpsons" is the best Tv series that has ever exist. Is good to all ages, with a lot of fun at any time.
I think that their family are very happy even though they are crazy.

written by José

Monday, August 27, 2007

Kenan and Kell

When I was 6 years old I used to like “Kenan and Kell”. That TV program was very funny. My sister and I used to watch them after school time. All the episodes were really interesting and we found that they performed very well .We liked it when the program was going to start and Kell said:”aaaaah, let’s go!”

My favorite episode was when Kenan (the fat boy) and his best friend Kell
(The dummy gay) saw Chicago Bulls’ game in a Saturday morning on TV. They decided to eat breakfast together in Kenan’s house. So Kenan asked Kell to do the breakfast for him. When Kenan was eating the atum sandwich he choked and felt very bad. So they had an idea to process the atum supplier, but in the end Kenan found out that Kell had putted in the sandwich a metal screw without noticing it. That made me laughs a lot.

“Kenan and Kell” TV program had more characters like: Chris Potter (The boss of Kenan), Kyra Rockmore (Kenan’s sister who loves Kell), Roger Rockmore (Kenan’s father who hates Kell), Sheryl Rockmore (Kenan’s mother), Sharla (The girl who loves Kenan and works with him), Janet (the nerd of the school) and Briana (the girl who Kenan loves).

This TV program was finished when Kell died in the real life. It was terrible because I liked him very much , he was very cute. I didn’t saw the lest episode.

Now a days have other TV program who imitate “Kenan and Kell”. This TV program calls “Drake and Josh” it is not funny.

written by Melissa

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My favorite Tv series is Lost. It is about people that had had a plane accident and fell in a unknown and mysterious island. There are many characters, but who more appear are Jack, Sawyer, Katy, Locke and Hugo. Jack is a doctor and is like a leader. In the past, he had problems with his dad. Locke was paralyzed, and when he fell on the island, he could walk. Locke is the hunter and has problems about leadership with Jack. Hugo had had a simple life until he won the lottery. He believes the numbers that he used on lottery are cursed, and he saw the same numbers on island. Sawyer was a blower and is a cold man. He fight with everyone, but deep down, he just need atention, because he had a hardly childhood. Katy was a fugitive's law because she killed her stepfather. On island, she is the only one who is amazing with Sawyer and she feels something for Jack.
On last chapter I've watched, they found another group that was on the airplane too, and they started to live together. Hugo fell in love with a psychology that was in the other group. Jack and Locke had a prisoner: Locke believes that the prisoner was in island before them and wanna hurt them. Jack believes in the prisoner's version that his ballom felt there. Other three people went to look for the ballom to confirm the history. Sawyer played a dirty trick on Locke and Katy, and now he controls the guns.
I think Lost is the best one because we don't know the survivers' past and it is seemed along the serie, making us curious about the next chapter and about what are going to hapen on island. It is unpredictable!
Besides the history, the cenary and actors are very beautiful and work very well.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The O.C

When I was younger I would sit every afternoon and night to watch my favourite soap opera. As I grew older, my taste for soap operas got much better because thesedays I prefer to watch more famous series that deals with teenager's feelings and problems, so I have chosen to talk about my favourite soap opera of all times: The OC.
The main characters are Ryan Atwood and Marisa Cooper, they are around our age: 16/17 years old. Ryan had serious problems with dealing with his family. Marisa is the most famous girl of her school and thought her family were perfect. They were not. Ryan went to live at Sandy's Cohen house in Orange County. There he met his son, Seth, whom he became friends and fell in love with Marisa.

The last episode I saw started with the sinopse of the previous ones.
Caleb Nichol died and everyone went to his funeral, meanwhile Kirsten, his older daughter, was having serious problems with drinking and went to a rehabilitation center. Ryan found out that his brother tried to abuse his girlfriend and went to deal it with him. Things got pretty ugly between them and Ryan was losing the fight. Trey was almost killing him when Marisa entered the house and shot him on his heart. He died.

The O.C is a very famous show because everyone wants to see whats is coming next: his fights with Marisa, the stupid things Seth used to do to date Summer, it was all very fascinating because this actually happens in "real life".
I was so addicted to it that I spent all my money buying season 1 and 2! I definetly love it.


My Wife and Kids

This TV series is about the life of a family. There's Michael Kyle, the family's father, who thinks that is never wrong. Jay Kyle (his wife) thinks that beauty is all. There are their children too: Junior (the oldest-17) isn't the most intelligent; Claire, the vain girl (14), and Kady (the youngest-7). They are a funny family that's always in troubles and make us very interested to see others episodes.

In the last episode, the family was travelling to Hawai. They went to the hotel and when they were meeting the place, Junior met a girl and imediately got in love. In the next morning, Jay wanted Michael to woke up and went out with her, but he said that didn't want to do it, he wanted to sleep more. Then she went out alone and didn't talk to him during the day. In the night , Michael said that he was sorry and invited Jay to have dinner. She said that excused him and acepted to go dinner. When they were going out, they told the children that if they wanted something, they could call to the reception and put on the account. When they went, the children bought too many things and put on the account. At the end of the episode, Michael went to the reception to pay the account and went home, but there was a big file. He discovered that the flight was earlier than he thought. And there was another problem: Junior didn't want to go, he wanted to stay on Hawai with his new girlfriend. Michael told Jay to solve the problem. Jay told Junior that if he really wanted to stay in Hawai, he could, after all he was 17. Junior decided to come back and say bye to his girlfriend. When Michael were being attended on the reception, he saw the account and got very furios with the children, but he didn't have time to do anything because they had to go to the airport imediately. During the way, Jay said that although the confusion, their vacation was very good.

Television series are, in my opinion, a very good type of TV program that make us laugh and can, many times, teach us something. I think that they're better than soap operas, that show, many times, bad things.

written by Mariana Lara

My wife and kids

My wife and kids” is a TV serie that Michael Kyle, an affectionate man, who is married with a pretty and prosperous woman, and he is father of three children. It seems to be a typical happy family, but not for Michael, who would like that all his family had a different behavior. He wanted his son, Junior, was an intelligent adolescent; his older daughter, Clair, still been a child and the youngest daughter followed everything that he says, instead of contesting and imposing her will. Michael thinks that his wife, Jay, would have to be the typical woman of house and zealous mother. They live in a typical house in the United States.

In the last episode Michael and Jay went to Clair's formation party , without she wants. Jay tried to enjoy this formation as if it was hers, because when her formation happened, she was giving birth to Junior. But without intention Michael and Jay started to ruin this so special day for Clair, who wanted to be alone with her friends. But in the end Jay and Michael said they were sorry to her.

I love TV series. I think they are really beter than soap operas and for me ''My wife and kids'' is one of the best TV series , because it’s funny, and talks about real facts of a family. And I loved the last episode, because it told about a similar story that happened in my life some months ago.


The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a comic TV program. It is about a family who lives in Springfield, a city in the United States, and they always have problems. The caracthers are Homer(father), Margie(mother) and the childrens Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Homer works on a nuclear industry and his boss is very selfish. The Simpsons is a cartoon which makes everyone laugh.

In the last episode, the city of Springfield had been invaded by burglars and everyone in the city had a gun, except Homer.
Margie told Homer to doesn't bought a gun but he didn't hears. So he went to a gunshop and said to the attendent he needed a gun but the attendent didn't sold the gun. Three days after Homer went to the gun shop again and the attendent finally sold a gun, one revolver. Then Homer shows the gun to everyone and entered in a secret organization of guns with his friends, but one day the friends went to his house and saw he doing all things with the revolver and they asked if he used the gun for anything, because this is prohibited. In the end Homer gaves the gun to Margie to take it away, but the she didn't because she told to Homer she had a lot of power with a gun.

In my opinion The Simpsons is a very good cartoon to watch and to have fun, because it makes everyone laugh and shows the reality for a funny way. If you have time, watch The Simpsons and a lot of TV programs who are similar to its. I love The Simpsons and a lot of cartoons which are very funny and its makes everyone happy. They are a good thing to pass the time and a good thing to watch with anybody.


written by Guilherme Caixeta

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives is a relatively new series. The fourth season is about to start in the United States. It´s about five women in their late thirties and early fourties who live in the same street, Wisteria Lane, and who have something in common: they lost a good friend, who committed suicide. In fact, all episodes are narrated by this dead character, Mary Alice. Gabrielle is an ex-model who married an apparently rich man who was later arrested for fraud in his business and whom she later divorced. Lynnette is a successful businesswoman who stopped working to take care of her kids but later switches roles with her husband Tom, who becomes a stay-home dad. Bree seems to be the perfect woman with the perfect life: a successful doctor as a husband, two nice teenage children and a beautiful house, which she takes care of meticulously; however, we later see that it´s all about appearances. Susan is a divorced mother who is looking for the love of her life; she´s probably the truest of the the five friends. Finally, Edie, who become friends with the other four only later, is a sexy, provocative woman in her fourties who will do anything to get a man. There´s a little bit of everything in Desperate Housewives – romance, drama, adventure and even horror.

In the last episode I watched, Gabrielle married the city mayor but got disappointed when she heard him telling his father that he had married her in order to obtain more votes from the Latin Americans. Her ex-husband, Carlos, found out that Edie, his girlfriend was lying to him when she said she was trying to have a baby with him. He saw her birth-control pills in her bag. During Gabrielle´s wedding reception, she found Carlos drinking and kissed him. Bree appeared after a long honeymoon in Europe and, to everyone´s surprise, she was pregnant. However, later, when she was already at home, she removed the fake belly she was wearing and called her daughter, Danielle, who is the one who is really pregnant, and told her to stay at the boarding school until the baby is due. Danielle said that she hated it there, but her mom didn´t care much. The end of the episode was dramatic: Edie hanged herself!

I like to watch Desperate Housewives because it´s a mixture of comedy and drama. I admit that sometimes it can get too violent and farfetched, but I have fun watching it anyway. In a way, I identify with the characters, who are around my age and have the same problems I do. TV series are more interesting to watch than soap operas because you can miss an episode and understand the following one easily, since each episode has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Final Version

7 Sins

This soap opera is set in São Paulo, some places are in a rich neighborhood and another are in a poor neighborhood. The story is about the seven sins: pride, wrath, greed, envy, lust, sloth and gluttony. There are 3 main characters: Beatriz, Clarice and Dante. Beatriz is a very rich and powerful woman. She won a statue of her father that contains a secret. She is very silly, because of that, she needs help from an angel (Custodia). Beatriz also falls in love with Dante.Dante is an honest and kind man who works now for Beatriz. He is married with Clarice. His wife is a simple woman that has a very annoying mother.

In the last episode, Beatriz kissed Dante and Clarice fought with her in the street. After that, Clarice went home with Dante. The day after Dante said all the truth to Clarice, they engaged again. When Dante left home, Clarice’s mother told her to make him jealous. At this same time, on the rich neighborhood, Custódia told Beatriz an advertisement, but Beatriz didn’t understand it and thinks that Dante needs to believe that Clarice has an affair to the couple break up. With that wrong, but good idea, Beatriz promoted Custódia to her personal assistant.

Soap operas, for me, needs to be different because most soap operas talk about the real life; so it becomes boring some times. However, I like some of the funny soap operas because its makes I laugh. Seven sins is a really famous soap opera because it is funny and shows all the people’s debility. On the other hand, it is interesting to make us think about our lives.


Chocolate com Pimenta

Chocolate com Pimenta was a very famous soap opera about an innocent girl, called Ana Francisca. She went to Ventura to live with her grandmother and started to love Danilo, the most popular boy in the city. They started to date, but Olga, a girl who loves Danilo, made Ana believes that he only wanted to humiliate her. Then, Ana married Ludovico, because she was pregnant. Ludovico was the owner of a a chocolate factory and when he died, Ana became the owner of this factory.

In the last episode, Ana discovered Olga's trick, because a boy, who used to be Olga's friend, said everything to Ana. Then, she went to Danilo's house to tell him why she had married Ludovico. Ana told Danilo she had a son with him before marry Ludovico. Danilo asked her why she hadn't told him before and Ana said she thought he didn't love her. Ana recouped her factory, which was stolen by her sister-in-law, Jezebel, who wanted to gain a lot of money with this factory. Finally, Ana Francisca and Danilo got married.

I like to watch soap operas only to spend my time, but some soap operas are silly. However, there were some soap operas that were very famous. Chocolate com Pimenta was one of those. Many people liked this soap opera because it was exciting and unusual. Moreover, it was really funny all the time. To conclude, I loved this soap opera, like all the country.


Drake & Josh

This funny TV series is about Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, two completely different brothers who have to live together with lots of fun. Everything begins Drake’s mother gets engaged with Josh’s father and makes the two of them share the same house and the same room. To get worse, they have to handle with Drake's little sister, Megan, whose parents think is a little angel, but her hooby is to get trouble for Drake and Josh, who call her a little demon.

The last episode I remember I've seen was when Drake and Josh wanted to be the firsts to ride on the biggest rollercoaster, that's premiere was going to be that night. But when they had everything planed, their parents told them to stay home and watch Papa Nichols, their grandfather, who had made a surgery and would sleep for some time. But when their parents left, they told Megan to stay and watch Papa Nichols. But Megan said that she would ride on that rollercoaster too. So after a Megan's blackmail, they decided to take her and call his friends to watch Papa Nichols. Then they had to go, ride the rollercoaster and come back before their parents. But to get worse, they got on trouble and had to go to the end of the line three times. Then in the end they could get at home before their parents and everything was fine.

In my opinion watching some TV series as entertainment is really good. You can rest and forget a few of your busy days enjoying the stories. I think Drake & Josh is a good choice because you can laugh a lot with the funny stories, relax and sometimes, improve your english.


My Wife and Kids

This Tv series is set in a lively suburb where there is a nice family. There is Michael Kyle, a loving husband and bald patch man who teaches his three children some of life’s lessons, he does so with his own brand of wisdom, discipline and humor, his favorite sport is golfe. His wife is Jay Kyle who worry about her appearance, she always wants to lose weight. They have three kids, they are Junior Kyle - a not very smart guy but creative - Claire Kyle - who loves shopping - and Kady Kyle who is spoiled child.

The last episode I had seen, they were going to Hawai on vocations, at first one gay helped Claire to cath her backpacks and suitcases, she couldn´t resist and she flirted the guy, his father felt jealous and told her to get out there. Junior knew one girl who he promised her that he will never leave her alone. Mike and Jay used they time together and happy with family.
My opinion obout it:

In my opinion, TV series are better than soap opares because whe can watch any episode without have seen the last epsode because all of it are different historys.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Rebelde is a Mexican soap opera. The story starts in ‘Elite Way School’ a particular school for riches people. Mia is the most popular girl at the school; she worries a lot about ‘what’s to wear’ . Miguel is an impulsive boy who comes to the capital to study in this school with a scholarship. Mia and Miguel cannot admit that they love each other. Roberta is daughter of a famous singer and hates the new school, and she loves Diego, but they are always fighting. Diego is son of an import politician and he loves music but his father doesn’t agree with that, and are always traing to manipulate Diego to do what him wants, Diego has a secret love for Roberta but he pretends that hates her. Lupita is a very intelligent girl; she is pour and can’t pay the school so she got a scholarship. Giovanni is a boy who only cares about money and he doesn’t supports the ideaof became pour one day. These six teenagers have the same passion: music and they formed a band: RBD.

This soap opera has already finished. The end was perfect. After many problems and fights, in the last chapter Miguel asked Mia if she wanted to marry with him and she said yes. Diego and Roberta stopped to fight and admitted the love about each other and Diego told Roberta that he wanted to be with her forever.Lupita started to go out with Santos a guy who had always loved her and Giovanni learned that family and friends are much more important than money. In addition, the band makes a lot of success, it is a real band right now, and the six actors are making concerts around the world.

In my opinion, this soap opera makes a lot of success because it talked about; the problems that all teenagers have, about love, money, fights etc and was very funny . It was very good. Sometimes I decided to no go out with my friends just to see it, I bought the DVD’s that have all the soap and went to the RBD's concert. I think soap operas in general makes success because they show the real life with a lot of 'glamour'.



This soap opera talks about many groups of teenagers that study at Múltipla Escolha, and the principal story is about a couple that cannot be together.This time the most important couple is Marcela and André.André is a poor boy that is in love with Marcela, who is rich.Most part of story happens at Múltipla Escolha, Gigabyte, that is a snake bar and in the teenagers houses.There are others characters too, Vilma, one of Giga's owner; Siri and Rafa, Vilma's employees; João, the other owner of Giga; Priscila, João's girlfriend; Eduardo is a rich student of Múltipla Escolha and Francesca is his girlfriend.

In the last episode, Marcela returned to work for Fábio.Rafa and Siri called Vilma, but she didn't answer and they became worried.Eduard,who knows that Franscesca had danced before the accident, asked she to dance for him and she accepted.Priscila, João's girlfriend, is working at Gygabite and giving crazy orders, because she was thinking she was better than the others employees.The episode finished with Marcela, who had brokes up with André, kissing Fábio, her present boyfriend.

In my opinion Malhação is a mix of adventure, romance, comedy and this mix makes a very cool and interesting soap opera that makes us curious about the next chapter.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trick It Out

For years , Trick it out has been customizing cars for MTV . But now they have invited the top auto shops in Los Angeles for a competition .On each episode of Trick it out , two teams of four cars artisans will represent their shops , each team gets 10 days and $15,000 to use their skills to customize a car . RJ Devera is the person that will determine the winner of each Trick it out episode , they chose him , because he’s one of the bests cars artisans in the USA . The team that loses has to give the car that they made to the other team.

Last episode Auto Accessory made a car with a “bat” style , it was black , and it was a HONDA . Auto Customization was the other team , they made a car with a “club” style , it had a DJ machine on it , and a lot of TVs with DVDs . The winner was Auto Accessory . They were better than Auto Customization.

In my opinion Tv programs are really important to entertain our life and make us happy . I think that Trick it out is the best program because I love cars and in this program I can see how the artisans customize them . If you like cars you should watch this program , it’s great!

written by Marcus


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


24 hours is a very good TV series that talks about 24 hours in a man’s life who is one member of CTU (counter terrorist unit). This man is called Jack Bauer. At CTU, he and his colleges try to stop every terrorist attack, and doing this he has to solve many problens.

In the last episode of 24 hours, Jack Bauer is called to an urgent mission at CTU to save the candidate for president, but at the same moment his daughter was hanging out without his permition, and that made him very angry and worried. However, he said that he would go, because he couldn’t let the terrorists do any injury to anybody or capture the candidate for presindent. But he told his wife to take care of their daughter. At the end, after many problems, Jack Bauer saved the candidate for president and his daughter.

In my opinion, 24 hours is a very good TV series, because it makes anyone very curious to see what will happen in the next chapter. In addition, it has a really good story. I think this kind of series is very interesting and exciting, because makes a good mixture of accion and suspense.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Favorite soap opera or TV series

Hello guys!!!

Welcome to our blog! For this first post, I would like you to comment on your favorite soap opera and/or TV series ever. So write the name of the show, explain briefly what it is/was about and then say why it is your favorite soap opera and/or TV series.

Have fun!!!