Friday, August 17, 2007


This soap opera talks about many groups of teenagers that study at Múltipla Escolha, and the principal story is about a couple that cannot be together.This time the most important couple is Marcela and André.André is a poor boy that is in love with Marcela, who is rich.Most part of story happens at Múltipla Escolha, Gigabyte, that is a snake bar and in the teenagers houses.There are others characters too, Vilma, one of Giga's owner; Siri and Rafa, Vilma's employees; João, the other owner of Giga; Priscila, João's girlfriend; Eduardo is a rich student of Múltipla Escolha and Francesca is his girlfriend.

In the last episode, Marcela returned to work for Fábio.Rafa and Siri called Vilma, but she didn't answer and they became worried.Eduard,who knows that Franscesca had danced before the accident, asked she to dance for him and she accepted.Priscila, João's girlfriend, is working at Gygabite and giving crazy orders, because she was thinking she was better than the others employees.The episode finished with Marcela, who had brokes up with André, kissing Fábio, her present boyfriend.

In my opinion Malhação is a mix of adventure, romance, comedy and this mix makes a very cool and interesting soap opera that makes us curious about the next chapter.



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Eduardo, do you believe that I watched the beginning of Malhação, 13 years ago?!

Mary H said...

Hi Eduardo, Thanks for introducing this tv show! I enjoy watching soaps too, and it is really interesting to learn about ones that are popular in your country. Keep blogging :)

EFL Teacher in Japan

Carla Arena said...


No kidding you watched the first episode?!

Eduardo, do you think Malhacao represents the Brazilian teens' reality?

Eager to hear from you.

A Brazilian living in Key West, Florida.

Michael said...

Hi Eduardo. Obviously I can't watch Malhacao because I live in Australia, but I do (yes I admit it!) watch Australia's most popular soap - Neighbours.
It is shown in many countries - maybe even in Brazil?

Glad you enjoy Malhacao. Does it teach good lessons about life and values I wonder? I hope so.....

Cristina Costa said...

I used to watch it in the Portuguese TV!
IS it still on? Last time I watch an episode was a couple of years ago!

Anonymous said...

Malhação is a PERFECT SOAP OPERA, I am a person who dont have anything for do in evenings, so I watch Malhação all days, and I like it! xD 8-)
kisses and hugs
hugo and raquel from asa norte 3B

Nahir said...

Hi Eduardo,

I haven't seen this program, but I like watching Brazilian soap operas. They are very good and popular here. I always get hooked with the stories they tell.

It must be very good since it's been on air for some years. Or is it a re-run?

BTW, I like the way you summarise the plot. Well done!


Nahir Aparicio from Caracas, Venezuela.

Nina Liakos said...

Has this show been on TV continuously for 13 years? Why not? Some of the original American soaps, like general Hospital and As the World Turns, have been on much longer than that! But I have never watched a soap opera. It's true!
Nina Liakos (ESL teacher in the USA)

Teacher Vinicius Lemos said...

Just like Ronaldo I watched the first episodes of Malhacao more than a decade ago. I don`t watch it anymore but I think it`s a very dynamic show because the plots change all the time. Moreover, most teenagers in Brazil definitely watch it and relate to it to their lives all the time!

Isabela said...

My 11-year-old daughter is addicted to Malhação. She watches it as often as she can!

Melissa said...

When I was 10 years old I used to like malhação now a days I don't have more time to watch this soap opera.