Sunday, September 23, 2007


One place I would love to go is Antarctica. Antarctica is the south pole and it's the coldest place on Earth. I would like to go there because I had never seen snow and Antarctica is the best place to practice snow sports and I would love to see penguins and polar bears. I loved to go there in the winter because the place is colder.

To go to Antarctica have only two ways, by plane or by ship.I think I would go by plane because by ship the travel is very long and tiring. I would take my friends to the vacation because with their we can have a lot of fun and I like to travel with my friends.

Antarctica is a very cold place and it's obvious I have to take very thick jackets, pants, and sneakers, so I will have to take a lot of luggage. As soon I got there I would make a snow ball and throw on the head of my friend and this would be very fun, after this I would meet new friends.

In this place doesn't have a lot of things to do because it's very cold and doesn't have bars, and luxury hotels. I would spent the days in the houses having fun with my friends and in the afternoon I would go out to see the beautiful animals, mostly the penguins and the polar bears but the things I would frequently do is sleep and eat. So I would love to go there.


written by Guilherme Caixeta


Isabela said...

So it seems that you want to go to Antarctica to live like a bear, huh? Sleep and eat!!!
Just kidding! I'd also find it very exciting to go there.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

That's a very unusual dream vacation destination!

Herbert said...

only you man...