Monday, September 24, 2007


If I could have the vocation of my dreams anywhere in the world, I would travel to Caribbean, I really want to go to this place because there looks like one tropical and exotic place where has many clear beaches and there are a lot of differents drinks and foods, a lot of nice people, many parties and many things to see. I think there would be really fun. I would go there in the summer to take advantage of all beaches.

To get there, I think I would travel by ship because it would be more fun and benefit. This would be great because I would take my cousin Jéssica or my boyfriend César with me because they are the best presence to guarantee a great time at all places. I think they would love to travel to another country with me.

I imagine that there is really hot 50 I would take dresses, shorts, a lot of bikinis, skirts, sleeveless shirts, sandals and two pairs of paints. As soon as I go there, I would go for a swim and drink something. People say that there has a lot of exotic foods se I would go to a restaurant first. Then I would visit the local villages and find out about typical parties.

The places I would go to would be the beaches bars, first. I love to prove exotic foods in exotic places. in the morning I would walk on the beach to make use of solar energy. in the afternoon I would take a tan at beach and find out oyster to eat because I lave it. At night I would certainly go to the best parties that would have there.

written by Cássia


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

A trip to the Caribbean surely sounds fantastic!

Isabela said...

I love beaches, so I'd also love to go to the Caribbean. It sounds like the ideal place to relax and have fun.

Marcus said...

Kssia ,
I'm really , really proud of you...My little best friend...
I think that your improving your compositions along the way...I appreciate your way to right...
Keep going yo.

See ya around , brother.

bye bye!


Ramon Costamilan said...

hello, i totaly agree with you, Caribbean is certainly a great place for a dream vacation, it has a lot of cool stuff, from the beaches to the people, and don`t forget the drinks and foods, i hope you make this dream travel.

But as to your text i could suggest you to improve it by using more link words, and other things i leave to the teacher.