Monday, September 24, 2007


If I could choose anywhere in the world, I think the best place to spend my vacationwould be Ireland. In my opinion, cold places are better, because with thick closes, we can stand it, but when it's hot, you can't do anything to take the heat away. Ireland is a cold, but no too cold place. I've alredy seen beatiful landscapes in images of this country. I think I would travel in the winter, because, as I mentioned I prefer cold than hot.

For this vacation, I would probably take an airplane, or maybe a boat or a ship. I would go alone,because, when we are alone, we can choose where we go, and how will we spend the time.

As I told, I would take thick clothes and maybe some pair s of boots. As soon as I get there, I would findmy hotel and plan how would the time be spend.

If this trip were possible, I would try to know the more places as I could. I would go to those beautiful mountains and try to get more stamps for my collection. That would be great!

written by Gustavo


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Interesting, I had never thought about visiting Ireland... but if one day I visit England, why not visit Ireland and Scotland too, right?

Isabela said...

Ireland is certainly an interesting place to visit. You'd just have to prepare yourself for the type of English they speak there! By the way, there's a teacher at the Lake CTJ who's from Ireland. Her name is Mary.

Raquel and Hugo said...

It seems to be a good country to be visited,their culture is really wonderful!! We think you would love this place, there is a lot of cool things to do there...

About your composition, we think that you should put the reason why you wanna go there and , if you want, you may use more linking words into the text.