Monday, September 24, 2007


If I could travel to any part of the world, I would travel to Portugal.If I travelled there, I would learn more about the culture about the country, I would visit most beaches that I can, I would eat the most differents kinds of food and I would visit the historical centers. the sooner thing I would do when I got there, is eat their pastry.

If I went to Portugal, I would go there with my parents and I would go there in December because I would buy me a Christmas present there and I would have more time to stay there.I would go there by plane because it's the faster way to get there.I would take some jackets because the weather would be very cold there.
I would spend all my days doing crazy things, like spending all my money on last day in the airport and buying useless objects.

In my first day, in morning, I would search some field to play soccer, in the afternoon, I would go to the beach, in the evening, I would go to the mall and at night, I would go to a restaurant.

The sooner thing I would do when i got there, is eat their pastry.
I really know, if some day I went to Portugal, I would be very happy.



Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

That's also the next place my parents want to visit! And the good thing is that you can also visit countries which are close to Portugal, like Spain or even France!

Isabela said...

I've seen beautiful pictures of Portugal, and I'd definitely like to go there as well!!!

Felipe Santos said...

oohhhh! I love portugal because they speak portuguese ;D! One day I would be there on my vacations ;D!

I think you could do better composition by writting more infoirmations, because it's very short. You did a nive composition! You wrote the essencials informations, I liked it! ;D