Sunday, September 23, 2007

Six Flags

If I could visit any place in the world it would certainly be the six flags. It is a (chain of) park with the most scary roller coasters in the world! it's amazing!! I think it's at New York.
I would go there, in July or December because that's when me and my boyfriend have time to spend.

I actually don't know how to get there, I guess we would have to pick up a flight at São Paulo, then another flight to New York and then go by car with the help of a map (and getting lost about every 5 minutes). I would bring Paulinho, my boyfriend, with me because we both have a high sense of adventure, we would probably stop at some places to do radical sports if we could or to take pictures of the places we were at and get to know something about their history.

I like to bring everything with me when I'm traveling everywhere far from home, you never know when you'll need to use them. But since we will not stay at one place only, I guess I would not bring a big luggage, just some make up, a few skirts, underwears, t-shirts, trainers, a light dress to wear when it's too hot and some groceries to eat on the trip.

The first thing I would do would be go to The Kingda Ka it is simply the tallest, fastest roller coaster on earth. It breaks all world records for coaster speed and height, zooming from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds and catapulting you 45 stories into the sky!! I love adrenaline!
I would spend my morning and afternoon there and in the evenings I would go tour... Times Square, South Street Seaport, Liberty Island, I would be the best trip of my life if I had a chance to go there.


Isabela said...

Hi, Jully! I've been to Six Flags in San Antonio, Texas. It was awesome. There's this incredible roller coaster called Superman that you ride standing up!

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...
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Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Jully, I've never been to a six flags park, but I love roller coasters, and I'm going to New York next year, so that is a great suggestion!

Hugo e Raquel said...

Hi!! We have never been there,and I, Hugo, hate roller coaster because I use to feel sick in my stomach. However my friend Raquel loves roller coasters and she is anxious to go there. As conclusion ee think that Six Flags would be a great place to go.

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