Monday, October 29, 2007


The styles have been upgraded and because of this, many groups have appeared. These groups are different on the kinds of clothes, kinds of music and kinds of styles.
Some of these groups are trendy, hippie, preppy, emo, gothic, casual, hip hop, skater, hardcore punk and geek.
Preppys are people who like to be famous, like to listen, famous songs and usually wear expensive and famous clothes. They usually go to shopping mall and places where, is crowded.
Hip Hopers are people that like their people and love, sing. They wear baggy clothes and they are a little bit bad-boys, and when they make their own songs they complain about their lifes when they were young.
Casuals are people who are more common. They usually wear t-shirts and jeans, they like a lot of kinds of music. They usually go shopping and walk at the park.
All these kinds of groups are different in styles but even this can cause fight because all, us are humans and deep inside we like at least a little bit of the same things.


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