Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My dream vacation

In my dream vacation I would go to Egypt witch is a republic, the official language there is Arabic, and the independence of Egypt was at 28 February 1922. I would travel there because Egypt has lots of things to do, for example: I would visit the pyramids; I would see the pharaoh and ride a camel. If I could choose the time of the year, I would choose the winter because Egypt would be less hot than the summer.
I would travel by plane, of course, because planes are the fastest way of transportation, but I think it would be more expensive than ship and car. If I had the chance to take someone with me, I would take my grandmother and my mother because both love Egypt and they are fascinated visiting it.
I know that Egypt is hot all year, so I would take: ten white t-shirts, eight shorts, one flips flops and one hat. As soon as I got there I would rent three camels to me and my family, then we would go with a guide to the tourist’s sites and go to the city to rent one place for to us stay and meet the Egyptian people.
I would certainly take the mornings to appreciate the Egyptian food and visit the pyramids, in the afternoons I would visit the Cairo’s museum, which is a very interesting and important museum in Egypt, and know more about the historical monuments of that beautiful place, then I would sit and wait for the sun set, after that I would rest and wait for another day.

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