Wednesday, October 24, 2007

styles of teens

Nowadays there are many differents styles of teens, and each style determine one specific way to be and to dress. There are many styles, from hippies to hardcore punks. However, it’s important to respect the differences between each style so that you can live better with all the people. Because of that I will talk about the three most representatives styles among teens in Brasília.
One example of a very common style in Brazil and in others countries is the emo. The abreviation emo comes from emotional hardcore, which is one kind of music listened by the emo people. They wear black clothes and put on make-up. Moreover, emos generally wear bangs and they are very sad.
Another popular style is the preppy style, which is usually seen in Brasília. Preppies offen wear only very expensive clothes, including nike shoes, adidas T-shirts and popular accesories. However they don’t have one certain style of being, but generally most part of the time they talk about fashion sneakers and clothes.
One style which became very popular is hip hop. Hip hop is one style that comes from the hip hop music, and this style is generally related for basketball. People whose style is the hip hop wear tanks and shorts, and most of them wear big necklaces.
In conclusion, there are many styles, and each of them is very diferent. However, it’s very good if you want to have your own style. The important thing is to know how to live with all those different styles.

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