Monday, October 29, 2007

Teen's tribes

Nowadays, there are many teens tribs in all urbans cities.They use to be emos, trendies, geeks, hippies, preppies, gothics, casual style, punks, sk8ers.Certainly sometime you will choose a tribe.

Emos wear dark clothes, listen emocore music, they usually wear piercings, they wear their hair with bangs, and in Brasilia, they use to go to Pátio Brasil on Fridays.They are very strange.

Geeks usually to wear glasses, they study much, they know all about computers,
they even get good grades, they rarely go out with friends, they don't have many friends and they love reading books.They use to meet on internet chat or on computers games chat.

Sk8ers wear baggy clothes, they wear caps, big sneakers and they have theirs own skateboards.Have some sk8ers that like to do jackass.They use to meet on halfs to join together.

In conlusion, It's cool to have your own tribe, however, some people use their bad culture with a way to pratice racism and to be violent.In addition, I think people have to choose a tribe because everybody have a style.

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