Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who Do You Want To Be?

That it's the most commom question that teen's talk about these days. Its necessary that we discover ourselves at the youngest age because that will certainly say what we will become in the nearly future. It's a long way to truly know who you are and who you want to be. Nearly all of us aren't prepared to walk that path all alone, so we usually ask for help. The age, clothing, music and culture are decisives facts to determine what kind of person you will be and what kind of tribe you will become to.

All Countries have ways to express they culture, so have their citizens. Teens at the age of 12 begins to join themselfs in groups that have that goal. The most Common ones are trendy, goths, emos and geeks.

The first group likes to be always fashion and prepared. They like designed and expensive clothes, fancy cars, fancy boyfriends, parties all the weekend and usually have a lot of dificulties at school but since they have absent parents they don't mind it a lot.
The second one is usually mistaked with the third. Goths are people wo loves to wear black clothes, and dark make up, usually don't care what people will think about them because they usually have strong personality and don't need outsiders influence.
Emos are the new and most incomprehendible tribe. They don't know yet what they want for their lifes and always think that they are missunderstood. They are always sad or depressed, likes hard core music, usually walks looking down on the floor and have the highest indication of suicide in the country.
Geeks are the ones who weares glasses, have weard ways to walk, talk and sit. They are usually bullied at school because of that weard way, and because they dont have an active social life.

Concluding, no matter who you are or what kind of group you belong. It's important to know that you have to respect them because we are a society. We work in groups. Without respecting we have no chance to conquer our place in the world, at school and even at your workplace.

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