Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Styles have always been part of the humanity. They make us who we are. Teenagers are usually the most affected by the styles because there’s an age that has a lot of changes in the body and they try to find themselves in the world. Styles express who we are, and sometimes they say something indirectly. For example, one popular style between is Trendy. Trendies wear modern and fashionable clothes. The clothes are usually from famous designers, and they are very expensive too. In addition, Trendies like pop and romantic music. However, they like trance and night clubs songs. Another very common style these days is Goth. Goths usually wear black clothes, rock accessories and stronger make up. They like metal and rock music, although they’re very appealing. Nowadays Goths are mistaken with Emos because they wear black, even knowing that Goths appeared exist much before Emos. Skaters are a little eclectic, they like rock and some black music. They wear baggy clothes and really like caps. They are usually with a couple of friends practicing skateboard in parks or something like that. All the styles have their good points, and they’re cool in their way. However there’s still a little fight or disrespect in all tribes to others, it would be much better if everyone respected each other and lived in harmony.


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