Monday, October 01, 2007


Guys, remember that day I asked you to write down things you had already done to learn English and things you had never done but you knew you could do to learn even more? Here is a complete list of what the students in both 3B classes I teach this semester answered, and I would like you to write the following in the comment area:

a) is there anything you read in the "I have already done" section that you didn't answer but now you remembered you have already done?

b) which are the two things in the "I could do" section that you think are the most effective to improve your English skills?

c) choose at least one thing that you don't do to start doing this semester.


Luciana Graziani said...

a)yes, there is. ~>Look up in the dictionary words that I don’t know.
b)Read books, magazines, grammar in English and Speak English at home
c)Read books, magazines, grammar in English

Mariana Reis said...

a) I had traveled to England and I studied in an English school.
b) read englsh books and watch movies without subtitles
c)I'll try read more english books, but I don't have much time.

Thaís said...

a) Yes, there is. Ask questions to my friends.
b)Speak English at home and Watch more movies/programs in English with no subtitles.
c)Read books, magazines, grammar in English

João Henrique said...

A)I didn't forget about anything in the list of what I have already done.
B)I thing the two most important things to improve your skils are going to class and asking questions to your friends or to the teacher.
C)I will start to do my homeworks better and I will ask more questions to the teacher.

Herbert said...

b- Pay attention in class and speak english all time.
c-Practice more.

Jully said...

a) ask questions to friends, do homework, go to class, listen to what the teacher says, study and take tests.

b) I think that the most important thing you could do to improve your english is to travel abroad to a english-espeaking country, watch movies with no subtitles and mostly read books to improve your grammar and vocabulary.

c) I choosed to check my homework answers because I didn't even knew it existed!

Melissa said...

a) read english books
b) watch movies with subtitles in Englis adn talk in english
c) I'll try to speak more

José said...

a- No
b- Speak english in class and listen english songs
c- Speak english all the time in class

Luciana D. said...

a)Yes. Ask questions to my frineds and talk to my friends in English.
b)I think it's Talk more in English.
c)Read books, magazines, grammar in English.

Eduardo said...


b)Speaks English in house and see movies in english.

c)See movies in English

Mariana Lara said...

a-Yes, there is. Look up in the dictionary words that I don’t know
b-Practice more and Travel to an English-speaking country
c-Watch more movies/programs in English with no subtitles

Cássia said...

a) Yes, there is something I remembered I have already done and it´s try to underestand the meaning and words I don´t know.

b) The two things that I think are the most effective to improve my English skilss are read books and texts in English and do exercises.

c) Listen to music in English, read books and texts in English.

Gustavo said...

a- No.
b- I think listening to the radio, tv, people talking in english and musics in English and studying more at home are the most effective things in the second list.
c-Travelling to an English-speaking counthy is a good thing to start doing.

júlia said...

a) listes music, watch movies and read books.
b) Study in U.S.A or Australia.
c)Study in a country wich the people speak English.