Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In the old days many people didn´t realized the transition that children had and already treat them llike adults, that is the cause that be necessary one concept tat represents this transition, like this appeared the word "adolescent" which represents all this unsettle of them concept. Nowadays this teenagers came questioning about many subjects like relatioship, friends, parties but, in te first, about what they would do in the world. Like this many of them organized in groups or tribes that represents them personality, some examples of them are trendies, emos and gothics.
Trendies are people who like eletronic music, frequent parties where the music is a beat which swing besides slow and accelerate, they wear fashion clothes, high heel sandals, big sunglasses, a lot of bracelets and they always make-up themselves before hang ou with friends. They usually frequent psycodelic places.
Emos are hard emotional people, they blame everyone saying that everybody is complicated, they wear bangs, tight jeans, striped shirts, drawed blouses and they are always with them eye painted. They usually found at places that music is emotional hardcore.
Gothics dress black clothes and usually wear crucifix necklace. They are obscure people, they frequent rock parties where the sound is heavy. Gothics usually frequent cemetery to gather with their friends.
At finaly, teenagers are separeted in tribes that is the way that we can´t generalize all of them supposing they already adults. We must respect all tribes and they have to do the same.

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