Sunday, October 28, 2007

Teen's Style

When we are teenagers, we want to know ourselves and we usually have friends that are similar to us. We start to listen to one kind of music, wear one style of hair and clothes and get one way of speaking. According to our changes, we choose our friends. Because of the similarity, teenagers are separated in tribes. There are a lot of tribes, like the trendies, the emos, the hip hop tribe, the hippies and the skaters.

Trendies usually wear jeans or miniskirts, high heel sandals, tops, big earrings, a lot of bracelets, rings and they usually do not go out without make-ups. Most of them like pop music.

Emos like emotional songs, wich say how the capitalism is unfair and how love and life are complicated. They usually wear bangs and tight jeans. Men wear polo shirts and striped shirts and women wear striped or plated blouses.

Hip hops usually wear shaved hairs, baggy pants or baggy jeans, baggy shirts and they put a cap . They like rap and hip hop and usually practice basketball.

Althought teenagers are separated in tribes, we ca not generalize them, saying that all trendies are fussy or all emos are gays because one emo is gay or one terndy is fussy. We must respect all tribes and all tribes must respect ours.


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