Wednesday, September 26, 2007


If I could have the vacation of my dreams anywhere in the world, I would travel to England.I would choose this place because I really like the England culture and the place is very beautiful, and there are many soccer players and I want to be a soccer player and there is good place to start my career. I would travel in the winter because I live in a tropical country so I prefer the winter to change some times.
To get there, I would have to travel by plane because it is on the other side of the world. I would take my family with me because I can’t live without my family and I would take my best friends too, for don’t lonely when I get there.
I would take clothes for the winter and to play soccer. As soon as I got there, I would take a walk in the city to know more the place.
In the mornings I would walk around the city, in the afternoon I would play soccer and in the evenings I would go to the parties in the famous clubs in London and I really wouldn’t stay at home because in that city are many kinds of fun.


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey, vacation in England sounds perfect! You have fun, visit a cool place, and practice English!

Luana and Monica said...

heey (:
We love England too! It's a beautiful city. My father said that the England food it isn't very good, but all the places are very interesting.

Our suggestions to improve you composition are, use more comma but except this, We think your compositon is very organized and complete.

Camila said...

You really want the life of a famous soccer player right!? It must be good...
I like your composition pretty much! Maybe you could have used more transitions and conjunctions to connect your sentences...But it's really nice!!!